Lake Waro skatepark renewal

  • Project typeRenewal
  • Project value$335,000
  • Project scheduleExpected completion in June 2023
  • Contractor nameDesign by Rich Landscape
An image of the Lake Waro skatepark before the renewal.

The existing Hikurangi Skatepark on King Street (near Lake Waro) is getting renewed.

Why are we renewing it?

The current skate park is made up of a mixture of concrete and wooden framed ramps and contours. Both the wooden and concrete items have defects that are beyond repair. They pose a health and safety risk to users of the skate park.

The skate park is nearing the end of its economical life, and as a part of the cyclic renewal programme, this skate park is due to be renewed.

What we are doing

The design and specification will be for a high-quality wheeled play space catering for a range of ages and abilities. Priorities are likely to include:

  • Removal of existing wooden features which are at the end of their asset life
  • Some new transition elements to replace the existing ones which are poorly constructed, particularly in the mini ramp area at the back
  • The addition of new features to improve park flow and to modernise the park
  • Surface treatment to provide a smoother and more enjoyable riding experience 

Rich Landscapes have been involved in the design. The detail design document is available below:

Lake Waro skatepark - Design document(PDF, 20MB)


Hikurangi Skate Park, King Street, Hikurangi 0114  View Map

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