Kamo Shared Path Stage 5

  • Project typeInfrastructure
  • Project scheduleStarting in mid-2023, expected completion by June 2024
Stage 5 Bridge

Construction of Stage 5 of the Kamo shared path will begin in mid-2023. Stage 5 will connect the existing shared path (which currently finishes at Fisher Terrace) with Kamo Village.

By utilising a combination of wide footpaths (shared paths), traffic calming and raised pedestrian crossings, people of all ages and abilities will be able to access Kamo Village and local schools from the shared path.

New bridge

An exciting aspect to this project is the installation of a new bridge.

Council has purchased railway trusses from Taumaranui which are believed to have been constructed in 1903. While they are no longer suitable for a rail bridge, they are deemed suitable for the pedestrian / cycle bridge.

An image of railway trusses to be used in the bridge.