Report graffiti

Photo of graffiti on Council property.

We take graffiti vandalism seriously.

Council is active in combating the effects of vandalism:

  • We engage a contractor for the graffiti removal services.
  • We manage the Stop Tags Database - an online database that a range of service providers access to record graffiti vandalism and support follow up activities.

Space Guardians also operate in Whangārei - volunteers that take care of a small part of the local area that matters to them, and ensure it is not vandalised.

What you can do

You can help by:

  • reporting all acts of graffiti vandalism that occur to your property or in your area
  • removing or arranging the removal of the graffiti to prevent further occurrences
  • using the resources available to the community

Reporting graffiti in progress

If you witness any graffiti vandalism in progress, dial 111 and ask for the Police.

Please note down, if possible, the description of the offender(s), the clothing worn, registration and description of any vehicle and their direction of travel.

If you have any information that might help identify offenders, contact your local Community Constable, the Whangārei Police or you can pass this information to Council's Community Safety Officer.

Report  graffiti for removal

If you see any graffiti that should be removed, please call CitySafe on Freephone 0800 258 258. The call centre is open 24 hours, seven days a week.

Alternatively, call us on 09 430 4200 and a customer service operator will log the incident and your request for graffiti removal (if required), or use our online form.

Report it

If your property is the subject of graffiti vandalism, please report it to your local Community Constable or to the Whangārei Police on 09 430 4500.

Council's contractors remove graffiti, however their priority is for graffiti removal that is visible on main arterial routes and Council properties.

Private and commercial property owners are encouraged to remove graffiti from their property as soon as it occurs to discourage further graffiti from happening.

How to remove graffiti

The most effective strategy is to remove it as quickly as possible, preferably within 24 hours and to persist in removing it.

Before removing any graffiti, you are encouraged to photograph it and keep the original images for the Police.

For information about graffiti removal and prevention, please visit this page on the Resene website:

Dealing with Graffiti (