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This page contains information about our initiatives to attract, recruit and retain staff.
Updated: 16/06/2014 4:29 p.m.

Whangarei is emerging as a cosmopolitan centre with a community and business hub that supports a diversity of residents and visitors.

Our focus on attracting and retaining high quality staff is the key to creating a district that is a great place to live, work and play in for all it's residents.

We value our staff and have a number of initiatives which support and reward their work.

Organisational culture

Our work environment is friendly and down to earth and we take an holistic view of how we work.

The variety of our work keeps us challenged and our commitment to continual improvement gives staff a clear outline of what is expected of them as Council employees.

Reward and recognition

Our Performance Review programme provides a forum for constructive feedback to staff on a regular basis and to recognise the valuable contribution they make to our organisation. Through this process we are also able to tailor personal development and reward those individuals who make the most of their ability to serve our community.

Career opportunities

The variety of work our organisation is involved in, and emphasis on equal employment opportunities, opens up a wide range of career options for employees.

We are committed to developing staff through formal training or mentoring opportunities and we encourage internal promotion wherever possible, allowing staff to reach their full potential. 

For further information about career options, follow the link below.

Career Options

Leave provision

All employees start on four weeks annual leave but can accumulate extra entitlement through continued service with us.

Employees joining us directly from other local authorities within New Zealand can have their service recognised for the purpose of leave provision.

In addition to annual leave, staff can apply once per year for up to two weeks of annual leave without pay for a special trip or event. Other types of leave available include sick leave above the statutory minimum and Loyalty and Performance leave which rewards high performing, long serving staff for their contribution to our organisation.

Health, safety and wellbeing

We place a strong emphasis on the health and safety of staff, starting on the first day of employment with a comprehensive induction programme.

Our Health and Safety Committee ensure all Health and Safety policies and procedures are relevant, up to date and used. It promotes an annual wellness programme with advice every month about a range of health and safety issues.

All our office workstations and equipment are assessed to identify and minimise potential discomfort or pain for our employees.

Social Club

All employees are automatically enrolled as members of our social club, free of charge, when they join us. The club runs numerous activities during the year and there are regular opportunities to relax and socialise with colleagues.

The highlight of the Social Club calendar comes every two years with a staff concert in which staff are encouraged to take part and display hidden talents to colleagues and their families.

Employee benefits

A wide range of benefits are available to all our employees including:

  • discounted health insurance
  • free two yearly eye exam
  • employee life insurance
  • free flu vaccination
  • interactive intranet with employee blog and latest news. 



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