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Customer Services Representative - Sue Woffindin

Being local and working for local people is one of the best things about Sue Woffindin’s job.
Updated: 16/06/2014 4:25 p.m.
Image of Customer Services Representative - Sue Woffindin.

​Cutomer Services Representative
Sue Woffindin.

​Last time she was in the news it was as the brand new WDC Customer Service Representative at Whangarei District Council’s Hikurangi Service Centre, stepping into the role left vacant when the legendary Yvonne Stewart retired.

In 2011 the Hikurangi service centre closed down and Sue applied for a job at Council’s call centre in Whangarei. That job has now expanded and she can be found shuttling between Customer Services and the Contact Centre.

Sue said coming into a team environment from her sole-charge position in Hikurangi has been a highlight. “I talked non-stop for the first month!”

Initially working in the call centre, Sue would often have the answers callers needed, but a large part of the job was to put people through to the right person to talk to.

“In the past few months working face to face with people as a Customer Services Representative has given me much more detailed knowledge in a few areas like property searches and other applications, whereas the questions we get asked in the Contact Centre tend to be broader in scope but not quite as detailed.

Still living in Hikurangi she finds her local knowledge is just as useful in her new job as it was when she was working in the middle of the township.

“People are so surprised when they call in about a problem and describe a location and I say, ‘Oh I know, that’s by...’ because they don’t expect the person on the phone to be local,” she says.

“That’s one of the best parts of this job, being local, solving local problems for local people.”



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