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Vision and Community Outcomes

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This page contains information about our vision and  community outcomes.
Updated: 25/03/2019 11:58 a.m.

Our vision

Our vision is to be a vibrant, attractive and thriving District.
Everything we do is guided by this vision and the outcomes our work has for our community.

Our Community Outcomes

Our community outcomes are based on what the public tell us is most important to them. Our work is based on providing four community outcomes:

Efficient and resilient core services

  • It is easy and safe for everyone to travel around our District

  • There are opportunities to walk and cycle 

  • Our District is well-prepared for growth and can adapt to change

  • Services are supplied in ways that benefit the environment

Positive about the future

  • Our District has productive land, people, and a thriving city centre
  • There is a fair urban/rural balance
  • Council has clear, simple documents and rules
  • Our District embraces new technology and opportunities

Caring for the environment

  • Communities work to keep the environment clean and healthy
  • Access to the coast is protected
  • Open spaces in parks and streets are places where nature thrives
  • Our District is positively adapting to climate change

Proud to be local

  • Our District is neat, tidy, and looks attractive
  • Public areas feel welcoming and safe
  • There is always something to do and see
  • There are opportunities for people of all abilities, ages and life stages to be active



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