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This page contains information about the design of the Whangarei District Council Logo.
Updated: 27/03/2019 12:07 p.m.

In 2019 we changed our Council logo to better reflect the story of our place, its history and its people.

Our logo is inspired by Maori legends about the naming of the Whangārei District, as well as the rolling hills of our farmlands and the swirling waters of our harbour.

When people look at the logo some see two birds flying to the right, while others see two whales swimming to the left.

Ngātiwai named Whangārei Harbour Whangārei-te-rerenga-parāoa (the gathering place of whales) because whales gathered there to feed during summer. Paraoa is Māori for sperm whale who were highly regarded by Māori. 

Maori legend also refers to Whangārei, as the waiting place of Reipae. Reitu and Reipae were twin sisters from the Waikato region who were promised in marriage to a Far North chief Ueoneone. They travelled north to their wedding on a large kārearea (falcon) but argued on the way and Reipae instead landed here in Whangārei.  

Our previous logo

Our previous red and grey logo was designed in 1989 when the former Whangārei City, Whangārei County and Hikurangi Town Council merged. The woven ‘W’ represented the coming together of our District into one council - ‘Woven Together To Become Strong’ or ‘Whiri Ngia Mai A Tatou Kia Kaha Rawa’. 




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