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Community Outcomes

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This page contains information on our Community Outcomes.
Updated: 27/06/2012 4:23 p.m.

When first introduced to local government in 2002, Community Outcomes were intended to describe holistically what the community considered important for their well-being. They were intended to be ‘owned’ by the community and there was no clear distinction between the services a Council could or should deliver or, for example, the services of a central government agency, in order to achieve or work towards the Outcomes. Therefore, the Outcomes typically extended past, or were ‘bigger’ than what people consider to be Council’s core business. They were often very high level statements with an aspirational focus.

In November 2010 the Local Government Act 2002 was amended and the Community Outcomes paramaters have been redefined so that the focus of the outcomes is now on those that Council proposes to achieve.

Our Community Outcomes

As part of the development of the 2012-2022 Long Term Plan we reviewed our previous Community Outcomes and a new set of Outcomes were adopted in our final LTP.  For further information  follow the link to our Long Term Plan page below. 



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