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2013 Election Results

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This page contains the final results of the 2013 local body election for Whangarei District Council.
Updated: 13/06/2019 12:59 p.m.

​Elections for all local councils in New Zealand are held every three years.

The elections are conducted under the Local Electoral Act 2001, the Local Electoral Regulations 2001 and the Local Government Act 2002.

2013 Elections


​Name ​Affiliation ​Votes received ​Rank
Bell, Stuart ​Independent ​770
​Chapman, Glenn ​None ​78
​Christie, Crichton Blyth ​None 1623
​Cocurullo, Vince ​Whangarei First 2709
​Deeming, Shelley ​None ​2017
​Mai, Sheryl ​None 5502 1​
​Martin, Greg Independent​ ​4106
​Samu, Isopu ​Independent 1787
​Semenoff, Stan ​None 3495
​Slater, Warren ​Independent 1245
​Syers, Warwick ​None 2390
​Tadman, Graham Patrick ​Independent 235
​BLANK 263


Bream Bay Ward (2 Councillors) 

​Name ​Affiliation ​Votes received ​Rank
​Deeming, Shelley None ​2571 ​1
​Halse, Phil None​ 2063 ​2
​Johnson, Evelyn ​None 1099
​McClelland, Thomas John ​None 816
​BLANK 100


Denby Ward (3 Councillors) 

​Name ​Affiliation ​Votes received ​Rank
Barber, Chris​ ​Independent 1573
​Christie, Crichton Blyth ​None 2104 ​3
​Clark, Roger ​Independent 796
​Cutforth, Tricia ​None 2198 ​2
​Mai, Sheryl ​None 3118 ​1
​Peeni, Kiri ​None 689
​Sutherland, Kahu ​None 1696
​Wakefield, Les ​Tu Kotahi - Stand As One 580
​Williamson, John ​None 1897
​BLANK 166


With regard Sheryl Mai being elected mayor, she withdraws from the Denby Ward and next highest polling candidate (John Williamson) becomes elected.


Hikurangi-Coastal Ward (2 Councillors) 

​Name ​Affiliation ​Votes received ​Rank
​Bretherton, Susy None​ 1930 ​1
​Carpenter, Robert ​Tu Kotahi - Stand As One 355
​Gundry, Dave ​None 292
​Jongejans, Jeroen None​ 1397
​Martin, Greg ​Independent 1856 2​
​McNally, Steve ​Focus New Zealand 203
​Peters, Ian ​None 1199
​BLANK 103


Maungatapere / Mangakahia Ward (1 Councillor) 

​Name ​Affiliation
​Morgan, Sharon None ​Elected un-opposed


Okara Ward (4 Councillors) 

​Name ​Affiliation ​Votes received ​Rank
​Bell, Stuart ​Independent 2227 ​4
​Bell, Tim ​None 1421
​Chapman, Glenn ​None 320
​Coutts, Duncan ​None 1402
​Glen, Sue ​None 3088 1​
​Harris, David ​None 1235
​Hermon, Cherry ​Independent 2443 ​3
​Himiona, John ​None 580
​Kawiti, Rhonda Aorangi Tu Kotahi - Stand As One​ 1039
​Leonard, William ​Whangarei First 379
​Lyons-Adair, Maureen Anne ​Independent 790
​McGregor, Bruce Norman None​ 1389
​McLachlan, Brian ​None 2569 ​2
​Morgan, Jess ​None 992
​Muriwai, Esther-Jordan ​None 473
​Slater, Warren ​Independent 2089
​Wilkinson, Jonny ​None 1801
​Williams, Merv ​None 2121
​BLANK 270


Whangarei Heads Ward (1 Councillor) 

​Name ​Affiliation ​Votes received ​Rank
​Engdahl, Richard ​Independent 325
​Innes, Greg Independent​ 754 ​1
​Jones, Kim ​Council.go 730
​Ludlow, Pete Independent​ 320
​May, Brian Trevor ​None 269
​BLANK 146


Contact details

For further information regarding these elections, please contact the electoral office.

Phone: 0800 922 822
Fax: (09) 307 7443

Write to: The Electoral Officer, Whangarei District Council
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P O Box 5135
Wellesley Street
Auckland 1141


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