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Whangarei District Ward Map

Image for the Wards page.
This page contains information about the electoral wards that make up the Whangarei District, a Ward map and Councillor representation for each Ward.
Updated: 15/12/2017 11:53 a.m.


We undertook a representation arrangements review in 2012 (a review of wards, communities, boundaries etc), which resulted in several minor boundary changes between existing wards.

Ward map 

To view a more detailed map and further information about each ward, simply click on the ward's area within the map. 

Whangarei District Ward map.  Hikurangi - Coastal Ward. Denby Ward. Okara Ward. Whangarei Heads Ward. Bream Bay Ward. Mangakahia - Maungatapere Ward.

Whangarei District


Mayor Sheryl Mai.

Sheryl Mai

Bream Bay Ward


Councillor Shelley Deeming.

Shelley Deeming

Councillor Phil Halse.

Phil Halse

Denby Ward


Councillor Crichton Christie.

Crichton Christie

Councillor Tricia Cutforth.

Tricia Cutforth

Councillor Gavin Benney.

Gavin Benney

Hikurangi Coastal Ward


Councillor Anna Murphy.

Anna Murphy

Councillor Greg Martin.

Greg Martin

Mangakahia / Maungatapere Ward


Deputy Mayor / Councillor Sharon Morgan.

Sharon Morgan

Okara Ward


Councillor Stuart Bell.

Stuart Bell

Councillor Vince Cocurullo.

Vince Cocurullo

Councillor Sue Glen.

Sue Glen

Councillor Cherry Hermon.

Cherry Hermon

Whangarei Heads Ward


Councillor Greg Innes.

Greg Innes


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