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Elected Council

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This page contains information about the roles of elected members and the democratic process.
Updated: 14/10/2019 3:25 p.m.

The elected Council is made up of the Mayor and 13 Councillors who represent the community.

Their key role is to make decisions that will promote community well-being, now and for the future.

This generally involves:

  • representing and leading the community,
  • setting policies,
  • making regulatory decisions, and
  • reviewing Council performance.

The Mayor

The Mayor is elected by the community and as one of the elected members shares the same responsibilities as other members of Council.

In addition the Mayor is expected to provide leadership and direction to the Council and community, chair Council meetings, be the public voice of the Council, and be accountable to the community.

Deputy Mayor

The Deputy Mayor exercises the same roles as other elected members.

In addition, the Deputy Mayor may act on behalf of the Mayor when needed.

For example, if the Mayor is absent or incapacitated, or if the office of Mayor is vacant, the Deputy Mayor may perform all of the responsibilities and duties, and may exercise the powers of the Mayor


Elected members, acting as the Council, are responsible for:

  • the development and adoption of Council policy
  • monitoring the performance of the Council  against its stated objectives and policies
  • prudent stewardship of Council resources
  • employment of the Chief Executive Officer
  • representing the interests of the residents and ratepayers of the Whangarei District.

Unless otherwise provided in the Local Government Act 2002 or in standing orders, the Council can only act by majority decisions at meetings. Each member has one vote.

Any individual member (including the Mayor) has no authority to act on behalf of the Council unless the Council has expressly delegated such authority.

For information about the members of Council, follow the link below.

Code of Conduct

All elected members are required to adhere to a Code of Conduct which provides guidance on the standards of behaviour that are expected from the Mayor and elected members of Whangarei District Council.

The code applies to elected members in their dealings with:

  • each other
  • the Chief Executive Officer
  • all staff employed by the Chief Executive Officer on behalf of the Council
  • the media
  • the general public.

To view the document, follow the link below.

Elected Members Code of Conduct [350kb]



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