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Representation Arrangements

This page contains information about the Representation Arrangements in our district, how we review the representation, Māori wards and Constituencies and Community Boards.
Updated: 19/03/2020 11:45 a.m.

We are required to review the representation arrangements at least once every six years.

This review must include the following:  

  • The number of elected members. The legal requirement is to have a minimum of six and a maximum of 30 elected members, including the Mayor.
  • Whether the elected members (other than the Mayor) shall be elected by the entire district, or whether the district will be divided into wards for electoral purposes, or whether there will be a mix of 'at large' and 'ward' representation. 
  • If election by wards is preferred, then the boundaries and names of those wards and the number of members to represent each ward.  
  • Whether or not to have separate wards for electors on the Māori roll.  
  • Whether to have community boards and if so how many, their boundaries and membership and whether to subdivide a community for electoral purposes.  

Council must follow the procedure set out in the Local Electoral Act 2001 when conducting this review and should follow the guidelines published by the Local Government Commission.

Through that process you can make a written submission to Council and you have the right to be heard if you wish.  

If you make a submission, you also have the right to appeal any decision on the above to the Local Government Commission which will make a final decision on the appeal.  

Our representation arrangements were reviewed in 2018 and it was resolved that a ward system provides the most fair and effective representation for individuals and communities in the district.

We are not legally required to review representation again until 2024. 

The Whangarei District has thirteen councillors, plus the Mayor with the district divided into six wards.

To view a map showing the ward boundaries and representation  in each ward, follow the link below.



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