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Finance Committee

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This page contains information about the Finance Committee, its purpose, terms of reference and Councillor membership.
Updated: 18/12/2013 4:13 p.m.


Councillor S J Deeming



Section 41A(5) of the Local Government Act 2002 provides that the Mayor is a member of each committee of the territorial authority


S J Bell, S J Bretherton, C B Christie, P A Cutforth, S M Glen, C M Hermon, P R Halse,  G C Innes, G M Martin, B L McLachlan, S L Morgan and J D T Williamson

Attendance at meetings

The Chief Executive Officer, Group Managers, Department Managers and such other Council Officers as deemed necessary, may attend Committee meetings.


A quorum for a meeting of this Committee shall be:

  • half of the members if the number of members, including vacancies, is even or,
  • a majority of members, including vacancies, if the number of members is odd.

Delegated Authority

The Committee does not have the powers of Council to act in the following instances as specified by Clause (32) Schedule 7 of the Local Government Act 2002:

  • the power to make a rate; or
  • the power to make a bylaw; or
  • the power to borrow money, or purchase or dispose of assets, other than in accordance with the long-term plan; or
  • the power to adopt a long-term plan, annual plan, or annual report; or
  • the power to appoint a chief executive; or
  • the power to adopt policies required to be adopted and consulted on under this Act in association with the Long Term Plan or developed for the purpose of the local governance statement; or
  • the power to adopt a remuneration and employment policy.

The Committee does have the power of Council:

  • to enter into contracts up to a value of $3 million + GST, provided such contracts are in accordance with the Long Term Plan.
  • does have the ability to appoint Sub-committees to deal with any matters of responsibility within the Committee’s Terms of Reference and areas of responsibility, and to make recommendations to the Committee on such matters and provided the Sub-committee shall not have power to act other than by a resolution of the Committee with specific limitations where there is urgency or special circumstances.
  • does have the ability to make decisions in accordance with the Terms of Reference.

Terms of Reference

  • To review, consider, consult, advise and instruct Management on matters relating to the areas of responsibility of the Finance Committee.
  • To ensure that Council finances are well managed.
  • To ensure the provision of administrative services to Council, its Committees and Departments.
  • To ensure the fulfilment of Council’s legal obligations and responsibilities, including compliance with legal and regulatory matters.
  • To ensure the preparation of Council’s Long Term Plan, Annual Plan and Annual Report.
  • To oversee the management of Council’s commercial property portfolio including acquisitions and disposals within its financial delegation.

Areas of Responsibility

  • Financial / planning and control
  • Corporate accounting services
  • Treasury management
  • Loans
  • Annual Plan
  • Administrative services
  • Democracy services
  • Information systems
  • Customer Services
  • Business Excellence
  • Communications
  • Commercial property
  • Pensioner housing
  • General housing
  • Forum North
  • Marinas
  • Airport
  • Forestry
  • Whangarei Information Centre
  • Whangarei Tourism Trust
  • Economic development
  • Venues and Events
  • Such other functions as may be delegated by Council from time to time.

Specific Matters


  • Critique and recommend to Council the annual budget.
  • Review monthly variance accounting reports and budget re-forecasts.
  • Provide advice on financial policies.
  • Ensure appropriate delegations are in place.


  • Consider such other matters as referred to the Committee by the Council or Management from time to time.
  • Make recommendations to Council where appropriate.



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