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Community Funding Subcommittee

Image for the Community Funding Subcommittee page.
This page contains information about the Community Funding Subcommittee, its purpose, terms of reference and Councillor membership.
Updated: 13/11/2013 2:23 p.m.

​A sub-committee of the Planning Committee.


Councillor S J Deeming



Section 41A(5) of the Local Government Act 2002 provides that the Mayor is a member of each committee of the territorial authority.


S M Glen, G M Martin and B L McLachlan

Attendance at meetings

The Chief Executive Officer, Group Managers, Department Managers and such other Council Officers as deemed necessary may attend committee meetings.


Contestable funding includes one off payments, funding contracts and community loans.  Funding relates particularly to those funds available to community groups and organisations.


Relevant legislation includes: 

  • The Local Government Act 2002
  • Reserves Act 1977
  • Resource Management Act 1991

Relevant Council documents include:

  • Funding and Grants Policy
  • Funding and Grants Administration Policy
  • Standing Orders
  • Delegations Manual

Terms of Reference

  • To carry out the contestable funding process in accordance with the Whangarei District Council Funding Policy in an objective, fair and transparent way.
  • To assess applications for contestable funding in a consistent way with a view to:
    • Balanced application of the funding policies and guidelines
    • Maximising benefits from the funds available
    • Obtaining the most benefit for the District and sectors within the District
    • Balancing short term and long term outcomes
  • To ensure that information regarding funding decisions and recommendations are conveyed to all stakeholders.
  • To advocate for best practice community funding in the context of Whangarei District Council priorities.

Delegated responsibilities, duties and powers

Delegated Authority to approve payment of grants and funding to the value of $15,000 or less and make recommendations on grants or loans over $15,001.

Meeting date and time

This Subcommittee shall meet at 8.30am on the 2nd Wednesday of the months of February, March, April, May, September and November (and at such other times as may be necessary).



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