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Audit and Risk Committee

Image for the Audit and Risk Committee page.
This page contains information about the Audit and Risk Committee, its purpose, terms of reference and Councillor membership.
Updated: 14/02/2018 9:57 a.m.



Councillor Sharon Morgan


Her Worship the Mayor Sheryl Mai

Councillors Crichton Christie, Shelley Deeming, Sue Glen, Cherry Hermon, Greg Innes

Independent Adviser

Philip Jones






To oversee risk management and internal control, audit functions (internal and external), financial and other external corporate reporting, governance framework and compliance with legislation.

Key responsibilities include

  • Audit
    -  Agree audit scope with Management
    -  Provide direct input on audit scope to the external auditor
    -  Consider audit management report, taking appropriate action
    -  Consider any internal audit needs, including probity, waste and performance
    -  Hold a confidential meeting with the external auditors at least once every year.
  • Risk
    -  Ensure a comprehensive risk management framework is in place and being operated
    -  Identify and monitor risks for the organisation including major projects
    -  Ensure Council’s assets are insured appropriately.
  • Ensure Council has suitable business continuity arrangements in place.
  • Policy review program.
  • Service delivery review program.


(i) All powers necessary to perform the committee’s responsibilities, including:
  • (a) establishment of working parties or steering groups.



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