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Airport Noise Management Consultative Committee

Image for the Airport Noise Management Consultative Committee.
This page contains information about the Airport Noise Management Consultative Committee, its purpose, terms of reference and Councillor membership.
Updated: 18/01/2017 9:15 a.m.



Independently appointed Chair


  • Her Worship the Mayor Sheryl Mai
  • Councillor Sue Glen
  • Airport Authority Representative
  • Airline Representative
  • Airport / Tenant Representative
  • 3 Community Representatives


As required.




To consider, and where appropriate make recommendations to the Whangarei District Council on aircraft noise and concerns that arise from the operation and activities at the Whangarei Airport.

Key responsibilities include

  • Identify community concerns regarding aircraft noise.
  • Co-operatively formulate and propose methods and procedures to minimise noise impact on the surrounding community.
  • Act as an advisory and complaints committee and make recommendations to the airport manager concerning noise complaints.
  • Report any noise complaints with the committee’s recommendations to the Whangarei District Council.
  • Assist and advise the Whangarei Airport Authority concerning the dissemination of relevant information to the community.
  • Review current procedure for handling noise complaints and modify that procedure where necessary.
  • Assist the Whangarei District Council in the management of the adopted Noise Management Plan which will address:
    -  procedures for handling noise issues;
    -  noise abatement procedures; and
    -  timely provision of aircraft noise and flight path monitoring information. 
    Monitor the results of noise level monitoring and compliance with the noise abatement procedures and the Noise Management Plan.
  • Access appropriate technical expertise and guidance as required.  



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