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Whangarei Harbour

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This page contains information about the development of a  management plan for the Whangarei Harbour.
Updated: 11/12/2015 10:08 a.m.

​Whangarei's environment is one of the leading reasons why people come here and choose to remain here. Our harbour is central to both the beauty and health of that environment. It is a playground, a food basket and contributes to maritime and tourism industries, all of which contribute to its ecological health. 

Studies show that the harbour water quality and environment have been steadily improving during the last 50 years as historic sources of contamination have been removed or managed better.

The community has greater awareness of the value of the environment and there is a growing expectation that continued improvement of harbour health is a priority for the district.

The Harbour Water Quality Improvement Strategy 

Population growth in the harbour catchments is increasing and will continue to do so. This growth and associated changes in land use will place pressure on the harbour, particularly in the upper areas where water quality is often degraded. 

Close collaboration between different groups that value water is the key to making our harbour a healthy, thriving waterway. We have been working with the Northland Regional Council in the development of a plan that assesses the real state of the harbour, identifies all the factors that influence its health and identifies major problem spots and areas where there are some successes.

The strategy actions include continued improvement in the management and treatment of sewage and stormwater and working with rural landowners to prevent and reduce sediments and runoff entering the harbour.  

One of the key aims is to develop a catchment plan for the harbour that will pull together all the different groups that should be involved to work hand in hand with each other. These groups include iwi and hapu, government agencies, industry representatives, rural landowners, environmental groups and the general public.  

The strategy is available to view on the Northland Regional Council website. Follow the link below.

Whangarei Harbour Water Quality Improvement Strategy Opens in a new window. 



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