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Rubbish Disposal

Image for the Rubbish Disposal page.
This page contains information about how household rubbish is disposed of in the district. 
Updated: 24/09/2020 1:36 p.m.
Photograph of Re:Sort.
Re:Sort Centre, Kioreroa Road, Whangarei​

Rubbish and Recycling Stations

We own, maintain and set the charges for all eight (seven) rubbish and recycling stations located throughout the district.

We do not set the charges for the Re:Sort Centre.

Rubbish and recycling stations will accept:

  • only household rubbish, recycling and vegetation, either by bag or trailer load
  • whiteware
  • rural stations will also accept e-waste - old electronic equipment and devices. While most e-waste will be charged at the normal rubbish price, there is an additional charge of $26.00 for Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT) screens from the older, bulkier computer monitors and television sets.

You can pay by Eftpos at all rubbish and recycling stations; please request a receipt from the custodian.

At Re:Sort the charges are based on the weight of the rubbish being disposed of.

At the rural rubbish and recycling stations the charges are based on the volume of rubbish being disposed.

View the Fees and Charges for Rubbish Disposal by clicking on the following link:


Council facilities are individually assessed for their ability to open during each Alert Level. More information is available on our COVID-19 response page:

Ngunguru Transfer Station is temporarily closed due to flooding - 18 July 2020

Winter hours

These are standard Winter hours. Transfer stations will offer all normal services during Alert Level 2.  

​Location Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat​ Sun
​Hikurangi 8.00 - 1.00 ​8.00 - 1.00 8.00 - 1.00 ​8.00 - 1.00 ​8.00 -1.00   8.00 -1.00 8.00 -1.00
​Ngunguru 8.00 -1.00   8.00 - 1.00   8.00 - 1.00 8.00 -1.00 8.00 -1.00
​Uretiti 8.00 - 1.00 ​8.00 - 1.00 ​​8.00 - 1.00 ​8.00 - 1.00 8.00 - 1.00 8.00 - 1.00  8.00 - 1.00 
​Tauraroa ​1.00 - 5.00 ​1.00 - 5.00 ​8.00 -5.00 ​8.00 -5.00
​Kokopu ​7.30 - 4.30 7.30 - 4.30 7.30 - 4.30
​Ruatangata ​7.30 -12.30 ​7.30 -12.30   ​12.00 -5.00 ​12.00 -5.00
​Oakura 8.00 -12.00  8.00 - 12.00​ 8.00 - 12.00 10.00 -2.00 ​10.00 -2.00

Re:Sort Centre

The Re:Sort Centre is owned and operated by a joint venture company, Northland Regional Landfill Limited Partnership (NRLLP). It is operated independently of Council and we do not set the charges for it.

Re:Sort accepts waste by the bag, trailer or truck load.

Alert Level 2 opening hours

Monday to Friday: 7.30am to 5.00pm
Saturday and Sunday: 8.30am to 4.30pm. 
Phone: +64 9 438 6288

Please note the 'Last Resort' shop is closed during Alert Level 3.


Current charges can be viewed by visiting the ReSort Centres page on the Northland Waste website. Follow the link below.

Re:Sort Centre

Rubbish disposal

Before you drop your rubbish at Re:Sort or a rubbish and recycling station:

  • check the opening times
  • sort the recycling and vegetation from your refuse. This will save you money as vegetation is charged at a lower rate than household rubbish and recycling is free
  • cut vegetation into manageable lengths to allow easy disposal into the bins provided
  • ensure the maximum branch diameter is 100mm
  • flax and bamboo must be disposed of as rubbish
  • hardfill is not accepted at rubbish and recycling stations; it must be taken to the Re:sort or other approved private disposal sites

Hazardous waste

Used lubricating oil, paints, agricultural chemicals, animal remedies, pool chemicals and batteries (automotive and household) are all classed as hazardous waste.  

Northland Regional Council operates a free monthly household hazardous waste amnesty day at the Re:Sort Centre. For more information and a list of 2020 / 2021 amnesty days, please follow the link below:

Household hazardous waste disposal 

Location map

The map below shows the location of the rubbish and recycling stations and Re:Sort centre.

Details about each site can be viewed by clicking on the relevant icon.

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Re:Sort Centre
WDC Transfer Station



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