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State Highway One Improvements

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This page contains information about improvements to State Highway One through Whangarei.
Updated: 11/09/2017 2:16 p.m.

The NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) is working with us to improve the state highway through Whangarei.

Over the past couple of years and in the next few years, NZTA has six projects planned to help manage growing traffic numbers, improve safety and make travel easier for locals and visitors travelling in and around Whangarei.

The following information about the Tarewa Road to Selwyn Avenue improvements is an extract from the New Zealand Land Transport website.

Why is the work necessary?

To provide better flow of traffic and improve safety by providing consistent laning on SH1 from the Tarewa Road intersection to Selwyn Avenue intersection and reduce congestion at the of SH1/SH14, Selwyn, Central and Fourth Avenues and Tarewa Road intersections.

What upgrades are proposed?

  • A painted flush median between Kamo Road and Kensington Road including alternative parking along this part of the route
  • Four lanes on SH1, between Selwyn and Fourth Avenue
  • Upgrading intersections at Central, Selwyn and Fourth Avenue
  • Related local road improvements by Whangarei District Council
  • Upgrade of SH1/SH14 intersection
  • Four lanes on SH1, between SH14 and the Tarewa Road intersections
  • Upgrade and signalisation of the Tarewa Road Intersection.

How much will it cost?

The projects are estimated to cost in the region of $20 million and take around two years to complete.

How can I find out more about each project?

For general enquiries on the Tarewa Road to Selwyn Avenue improvements and the safety works between Kamo Road and Kensington Road, contact NZTA's Whangarei Project Manager on 0800 776 47377.

To keep up to date with news and progress, visit the NZTA website. 

New Zealand Transport Agency (Opens in a new window) 

For information related to Whangarei works including parking between Kamo and Kensington Road, please contact Whangarei District Council's Roading Manager Jeff Devine on 09 430 4226.



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