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This page contains information about Whangarei Airport.
Updated: 20/03/2019 2:24 p.m.

The Whangarei District Airport is located in at Handforth Street in the suburb of Onerahi, an easy 10-minute drive from the city centre.

It is jointly owned by the Ministry of Transport and Council and is managed by Northland Aviation.

The airport is currently certificated to take aircraft of around 50 seat capacity. Apart from the obvious services provided by air line operators, the airport acts as a platform for many recreational and sports users.

This includes sky diving, helicopters, micro light aircraft and Aero Club and private fixed wing users. A number of operators use the airport:

  • Air New Zealand Link operates daily scheduled flights to and from Auckland
  • Great Barrier Airlines operate by arrangement.

Whangarei Airport Strategic Review

Council has recently completed the first of a number of investigations into the future of air transport in the District. 

The Whangarei Airport Strategic Study confirms that cumulative issues associated with Civil Aviation rules, runway length, and significant costs for extending the existing runway, mean the current airport has a life-span of only 10-15 years. 

Council is currently considering whether or not to submit the project as one of the many to be considered for inclusion in the District’s Draft 2015-2025 Long Term Plan which will open for consultation in the autumn.

For further details on the Airport Strategic Review contact the Infrastructure and Services Manager on 09 430 4200.

Airport Parking

As from 30 March 2019, Airport parking charges will apply. The first hour of parking will be free. For more information on parking charges or parking related services, click on the following link and visit the Whangarei District Airport website. 

Whangarei District Airport

Airport Contacts

Phone: +64 09 436 0047

After hours: +64 9 436 3635

Fax: 09 436 3274



Postal: PO Box 3226, Onerahi Whangarei 0142

A cafeteria operates within the terminal building.

Cafe Phone: +64 9 436 0496.

Council's role

For further information about the Council Committee with responsibility to monitor and manage the impact of aircraft noise on the local community, follow the link below.

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