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This page contains information about the provision, management and monitoring of parking in Whangarei. 
Updated: 5/01/2017 3:12 p.m.
Photograph of parking signs.

Parking sign in Whangarei

We are responsible for balancing the demand for car parking with the supply of parking spaces.  

In Whangarei itself, there is a range of parking facilities designed to ensure the best use of road space, safe traffic flows and to encourage patronage of local businesses.

Parking restrictions

Parking restrictions are used in areas where a fair turnover of on-street parking is needed and for specific purposes such as loading zones and mobility parking.

For further information, follow the link below.

70+ parking fee exemption

Council provides an exemption card to Whangarei residents aged 70 years and over to park free of charge at any Council car park in Whangarei for the maximum time indicated on the meter or car park.

Follow the link below to print a copy of the application form which you can complete before bringing it in to us with proof of your address and your driver’s license.

 70-plus Parking Fee Exemption Application [125kb] 

Mobility parking

A Mobility Parking Permit is a card issued by New Zealand CCS Disability Action which entitles the holder to park in a designated mobility parking space. It must be displayed in the vehicle being driven or operated by a disabled person. Council’s Parking and Traffic Bylaw allows vehicles that are displaying a Mobility Parking Permit to park for twice the advertised time showing for the designated mobility parking space.

There are designated mobility parking spaces available throughout Whangarei for use by those with a Mobility Parking Permit. Follow the link below to view a map of these parking spaces. 

Accessibility Map [4,854kb]

If a designated mobility parking space is unavailable, a person displaying a Mobility Parking Permit may also park in a restricted time parking area, a metered space or receipt parking space for double the advertised time for that area provided they have paid for the first half of the time.

For further information about the national CCS Disability Action mobility parking permit scheme, Follow the link below to their website

Mobility Parking (Opens in a new window).

Disability Working Parking Permit

Council provides disabled working parking permits for eligible individuals whose place of employment does not have all day free parking options in the immediate vicinity.

For an application form, follow the link to our Disability Services page below.

Abandoned vehicles

Please call us to report a vehicle which you think has been abandoned. To enable a quick response please have as much information as possible, such as:

  • an accurate description of the location
  • make, model and colour of the vehicle
  • registration plate number
  • if there is a current Warrant of Fitness and a registration sticker on the screen.

If there are registration plates or a registration sticker on the vehicle and it is positioned in a safe location, there may be a time delay in getting it removed as the legal owner will need to be contacted before it is removed.

If the vehicle is dangerously positioned or has no registration plates or registration sticker in the window or is a burnt out wreck, it may be able to be removed more quickly.

Contact us

If you wish to make a complaint or enquire about enforcement activities related to parking, please contact us on 0800 932 463 (24 hrs).

Follow the link below for our main contact details page.


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