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Changing Ownership

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This page contains information about what happens to the land and water rates when a property changes ownership.
Updated: 18/05/2020 11:22 a.m.

Changing ownership

During the sale and purchase process the solicitors for each party are responsible for negotiating the outstanding land and water rates.  The agreement reached should be recorded on your settlement statements.

If you have any queries regarding this process, please contact the solicitor who acted on your behalf.

If you are a solicitor and require rates information for a property settlement, please fill in the online form below:

Solicitor's Rates Settlement Request Form


Rates are a charge on a property, not a property owner. That means that any outstanding rates on a property at the time of purchase become the responsibility of the new owner.

When a property is sold, the vendor’s solicitor will usually identify any outstanding land and water rates and negotiate the sale accordingly. But potential buyers should always ask if there are any rates due.

If you receive an invoice for overdue land or water rates from a previous owner or a copy from Council and are in doubt as to who is responsible for payment, contact the solicitor who represented you in the property transfer.


If you receive an assessment in your name after you've sold the property it may mean that Council has not received notification.

Please advise your solicitor to issue the appropriate notification as soon as possible and check your settlement statement regarding any outstanding payments due.

Please return the invoices with details of the solicitor acting on your behalf to Council, if you are not responsible.

If you have been paying your land or water rates by direct debit, the direct debit will be cancelled automatically when we receive a notification.

If you have been paying your land or water rates by automatic payments, internet or phone banking please contact your bank to cancel the authority or change the property information stored if applicable.



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