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Internet or Phone Banking

Internet or Phone Banking image.
This page contains information about paying your bills via internet or phone banking.
Updated: 28/11/2019 3:27 p.m.

Our bank account number is 12-3115-0040516-002

Council has already been set up as a bill payee with your bank. Search for "Whangarei" in the payee list on your bank's website and select one of the payment types.

Internet and / or phone banking can be used for payment of all accounts and a separate bill payment is necessary for each account being paid.

If you sell your property and purchase a new one in the District, you will need to set up new bill payments for rates and water. We recommend that payments for the old property be cancelled.

The following information will be required: 

​Payment type ​Particulars ​Code ​Reference
​Rates ​Rates ​Your Property ID number ​Account holder's name
​Water ​Water ​Your Property ID number ​Account holder's name
Parking Parking​

​Ticket number

The parking ticket number will be different for each payment, so use the 'One-off' payment option.

​Vehicle registration number
​Debtors ​Debtor ​Debtor account number ​Account holder's name
Dog Registration ​Dog Reg

​Name ID number

The Name ID is situated at the bottom right-hand corner of the form.

​Owner's name
​Library ​Library ​Surname and initials ​Library membership / card number

​Use for all applications that do not fit the above options, e.g. consents, licenses etc.


If a lump sum is being paid for multiple accounts, please send us advice about the payment together with the details, before or on the day you make payment.

Email: mailroom@wdc.govt.nz

If you have any further enquiries please phone +64 9 430 4200 and ask for the Revenue office.

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