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Water Supply Bylaw

Image for the Water Supply Bylaw page.
This page contains a summary of the Water Supply Bylaw and a link to the full version of it.
Updated: 11/12/2013 1:46 p.m.

Summary of the bylaw

The primary purpose of the bylaw is to protect the water supply and set out customers’ entitlements and responsibilities.

There is a potential for the water supply to become contaminated by customers under situations of negative pressure (backflow).

So that the potential for contamination is minimised and to comply with legislation, a testable backflow prevention device must be installed at the property boundary where Council believes there is a risk to the water supply. These boundary backflow prevention devices require testing at least annually.

Previously, backflow devices were on the customer's side of the point of supply and it was the customer's responsibility to maintain and repair failed devices. This incurred cost and inconvenience for the customer to engage a plumber to undertake the work. It was also difficult for Council to ensure the required work had been undertaken promptly.

The revised bylaw changes the location of the point of supply and transfers ownership of the backflow device to Council. This enables us to undertake any repairs at the time of testing. 

This then reduces the risk to the water supply and public health as well as lowering the overall cost to customers who have testable boundary backflow devices installed.
The bylaw also allows us to recover from the customer all costs associated with the initial backflow prevention device installation and on-going testing and maintenance.

The bylaw was reviewed and updated in June 2012.

Follow the link below to view the full version of the document.


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