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Control of Vehicles on Beaches Bylaw

This page contains information on Council's Control of Vehicles on Beaches Bylaw.
Updated: 20/03/2019 6:00 a.m.

In 2009 Council made a Bylaw that regulates the use of vehicles on beaches in the District, to support public safety.

In early 2016 Council reviewed the Bylaw.  As a result, amendments were made to the Bylaw in September 2016, after public consultation.

The bylaw prohibits vehicles at all times in two locations at Bream Bay.  The first one is in front of the surf club up to the Ruakaka River mouth and the second one is from the Ruakaka River mouth to 500 metres past Marsden Village. 

The Bylaw contains maps clearly showing these prohibited areas.

Vehicle access points to Ruakaka beaches are at Tip Road and Rama Road and include signs indicating the prohibited areas.

Download the the Bylaw by clicking on the link below.

Control of Vehicles on Beaches Bylaw




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