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Trade Waste Bylaw

Image for the Trade Waste Bylaw page.
This page contains a summary of the Trade Waste Bylaw and a link to the full version of it.
Updated: 28/06/2012 1:32 p.m.

Summary of the bylaw

The Trade Waste Bylaw regulates the discharge of trade wastes to a sewerage system operated by Council.
Since its first introduction in 1991 we have maintained a process to determine the actual cost of treating wastewater at the Whangarei wastewater plant to meet consent requirements issued by the Northland Regional Council.
A review was undertaken in 2012 and consultation on the changes was included in consultation on our 2012 – 2022 draft Long Term Plan (LTP).

 Key changes

  • adopt the new three-tiered charging policy
  • introduce a second customer category requiring consent to discharge
  • include a requirement that service contracts for all pre-treatment devices be retained at all times
  • include Chemical Oxygen Demand as a limiting parameter with specified values under Section 3.2 of Schedule 1A. 

The tier structure

  • Tier 1  -  low risk, low load discharges requiring no monitoring
  • Tier 2 – medium risk/load discharges requiring regular monitoring. As well as some degree of cost recovery over and above pan charge in the form of uniform annual fee
  • Tier 3 – high risk and/or load discharges requiring frequent monitoring.  Same fee applied plus full treatment cost for discharge above Tier 2 upper limits.
The unit charges for such treatment will be determined as per the present charging model.

Viewing the document

Follow the link below to view the full version of the Trade Waste Bylaw.  

Trade Waste Bylaw 2012 [396kb]

For further information about Trade Waste, follow the link below.

Trade Waste



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