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Parking and Traffic Bylaw

Image for the Parking and Traffic Bylaw page.
This page contains information on the Parking and Traffic Bylaw.
Updated: 14/09/2017 3:05 p.m.

Proposed amendment

Council is currently consulting on a proposed Camping in Public Places Bylaw which requires an associated amendment of the Parking and Traffic Bylaw.  Council is scheduled to confirm the proposed amendment on 28 September.  For any further information on this process please contact Council.  

2017 Review

Council is generally required to review its bylaw at least every 10 years.  Council has this year review the Parking and Traffic Bylaw, and is proposing to revoke the current bylaw and replace it with a new bylaw.

We are consulting with the community between 15 September and 15 October on this proposal.  We welcome your feedback.

The Statement of Proposal gives you further background about the proposal and we recommend you have a look at this first before you give us your feedback.

Statement of Proposal [872kb]

Proposed Parking and Traffic Bylaw [370kb]

How to have your say

There are a few ways you can give us your feedback. You can submit in writing, and/or you can talk to Councillors at the Hearing or at the Have Your Say Event.

Talk to us

You don't have to submit in writing if you want to come and talk to us in person.  Click on the link below for more information on the Hearings and the Have Your Say Event and how to register.

Written submissions

You can provide a written submission.  Submissions close on 15 October 2017.  Click on the links below for your preferred option.
Hardcopy: Download a printable submission form[pdf:226kb].

What will happen with your feedback

All feedback received will be summarised and reported back to Council to support their deliberations on the proposal.  They will receive copies of all written submissions and summaries of what people said during the hearings and at the Have Your Say Event.   

Current Bylaw 

The Parking and Traffic Bylaw covers parking and traffic management issues.

Download the bylaw by clicking on the link below. The document opens in a new window.

Parking and Traffic Bylaw [269kb]

For further information about parking, carparks and traffic management, follow the links below.

ParkingTraffic Management  



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