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Revenue and Financing Policy

This page contains a summary of the Revenue and Financing Policy and a link to the full version of it.
Updated: 26/06/2015 12:19 p.m.

The Revenue and Financing Policy provides predictability and certainty about Council’s sources and levels of funding. It explains the reasons for, and the process of selecting, various tools to fund Council’s expenditure and operating costs.

The policy is supported by analysis of the funding of each activity group and recognises that the funding policy is more than just a device for raising revenue but is also one of the instruments that can be used to promote community wellbeing.

The policy is supported by ‘practice notes’ that illustrate how the policy is applied. They are not part of the policy itself and are simply estimates to provide guidance as to Council’s view of the appropriate level and method of funding. The practice notes can be found in Appendix A.

Council adopted its Revenue and Financing Policy on 24 June 2015. 

Follow the link below to view the full version of the policy.

Revenue and Financing Policy [485kb]



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