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Dog Management Policy

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This page contains a summary of our Dog Management Policy, the objectives, Dog Control Reports and links to related documents.
Updated: 16/09/2019 3:11 p.m.

Our Dog Management Policy and Dog Management Bylaw aim to meet the needs of responsible dog owners and for people of all ages to feel safe during any interaction with dogs.

The policy is our position on dog control issues and also covers our wider role in respect to the welfare of dogs, the protection of wildlife and education of the public.

Summary of policy

The policy objectives are to:

  • minimise danger, distress and nuisance to the community
  • avoid the inherent danger in allowing dogs to have uncontrolled access to public places where children go (whether or not the children are accompanied by adults)
  • enabling the public (including families) to use streets and public amenities without fear of attack or intimidation by dogs
  • recognise the exercise and recreation needs of dogs and their owners
  • protect kiwi and other indigenous wildlife.

To view the full version, follow the link below.

Dog Management Policy [1.5mb]

Dog Management Bylaw

For information about our Dog Management Bylaw, follow the link below. 

Dog Control Reports

The Dog Control Act 1996 requires all Councils to report annually on the outcomes associated with key areas identified by Section 10A of the Act. This includes:

  • the number and type of complaints received,
  • the number of infringements issued and prosecutions taken, and
  • the number of registered dogs and their classification status.

Viewing the Reports

The annual reports are listed under the heading below. Select from the list by clicking on the '+' to display the contents.

Each individual document opens in a new window.



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