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Alfresco Dining Policy

Image for the Alfresco Dining Policy page.
This page contains a summary of the Alfresco Dining Policy and a link to the Alfresco Dining Policy, Alfresco Dining Permit Application Guidelines and Alfresco Licence Agreement.
Updated: 14/08/2013 3:33 p.m.


This policy allows owners of cafes and restaurants to use public land owned by Council as outdoor seating and dining areas. It does not include dining operations on privately owned land.

It aims to encourage better designed and higher quality alfresco dining facilities on a district-wide basis by:

  • encouraging the establishment of alfresco dining facilities
  • making requirements for alfresco dining facilities more consistent and transparent
  • respecting adjoining amenity through appropriate design
  • maintaining visual amenity and pedestrian circulation standards.

Sections of this policy deal with alfresco dining specifically within the Cameron Street Mall and the Town Basin. It does not apply to public park spaces nor does it incorporate any trading activities or display of goods. These activities are generally prohibited on Council footpaths.

The location and layout for alfresco dining within the district is determined by the road hierarchy and the type of road adjacent to the business front. Use is granted by a licence, and the policy describes the minimum conditions of hygiene and safety and placement of furniture so that it does not affect other people using the footpath.

The policy was introduced in 2010 and was reviewed and updated in 2013.

Follow the link below to view the full version of the policy.

Alfresco Dining Policy [352kb]

Follow the link below to download the application guidelines and agreement.

Alfresco Dining Application Guidelines and Alfresco Licence Agreement [113kb]



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