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Structure Plans

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This page contains information about the Urban Structure Plans.
Updated: 8/05/2015 2:40 p.m.

The Urban Growth Strategy divided Whangarei City environments into eleven distinct areas for ease of reference and administration. These areas are known as Structure Plan Study Areas, with each having its own detailed study for planning purposes.

The Structure Plans are long term and  implementation depends on their eventual incorporation into our statutory planning documents, such as the District Plan.

Land identified for particular use in these Structure Plans will be subject to legal processes of negotiated agreements, acquisition or designation. We will make sure that all necessary procedures are followed before any land use change takes place, as proposed in these Structure Plans.

Landowners or developers can apply for private plan changes to the District Plan using the recommendations identified in these Structure Plans if Council does not already have such changes programmed.

Details of the current Plan Changes and their status can be found by following the link below.

Hīhīaua Precinct Plan

The Hīhīaua Precinct Plan outlines Council's direction to manage growth and development in the Precinct for the next 20-30 years, and is intended to assist with the efficient delivery of key infrastructure, land use planning and community services for the area.  The Precinct Plan will also provide a framework for introducing residential and mixed use activities in the Hīhīaua Precinct, by way of a plan change to the District Plan.  It is envisaged that the Precinct Plan will be progressively implemented through partnership between the public and private sectors, community groups, business owners and landowners.

The Hīhīaua Peninsula has previously been recognised by Council as suitable for inner city living and mixed use development (20/20 Plus Whangarei CBD Development Guide, 2006 and Whangarei District Growth Strategy: Sustainable Futures 30/50, 2010).  The Precinct itself is bounded by two waterways, the Hātea River and Waiarohia Stream, and Reyburn Street.  At present the Precinct is predominantly light industrial in nature, but was selected for redevelopment to accommodate some of Whangarei's growth and transform the area into an attractive residential/mixed use area as:

  • It is located close to the central City, and within walking distance to employment, amenities and services.
  • The area has been identified by Council as a strategic location for residential/mixed use development.
  • It is a large consolidated area of land in local government ownership.
  • Changes in land use are already occurring - there are now 17 residential units on the Peninsula.
  • The Precinct is adjacent to Whangarei's waterways, and high amenity areas for example, the Town Basin.
  • Potential high impact catalyst projects may be located in the vicinity, e.g. Hīhīaua Cultural Centre, potential redevelopment of the Old Harbour Board building.

Over time, when land becomes available through tenants choosing to relocate, changes to land use will create a vibrant and attractive inner city residential mixed use precinct.  Objectives, policies and rules in the District Plan along with a change of land use zoning will assist implementation of the Precinct Plan in a staged and controlled manner.

The Precinct Plan was adopted by Council on 8 April 2015.  For a copy of the full Precinct Plan please refer to the following link:

Hīhīaua Precinct Plan [4492kb] 

Viewing the Structure Plans

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