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Otaika, Raumanga and Toe Toe

Image for the Otaika, Raumanga and Toe Toe Structure Plan page.
This page contains a summary of the Otaika, Raumanga and Toe Toe Structure Plan and a link to the full version of the document.
Updated: 10/07/2013 4:05 p.m.

The study area is to the south of Whangarei City and encompasses the Raumanga, Otaika and Smeatons suburbs, as well as the Toe Toe and Otaika rural areas. It is bordered to the east by the Whangarei City Port and the coastal area. To the north are more residential suburbs, including Hora Hora, Maunu and Morningside.

The proposals

The main land use proposals for this area are as follows.

“Blue Goose” area for a tourist oriented business zone

The area covered by this proposal is intended to serve as a gateway to Whangarei. The site is strategically located along State Highway 1, south of Whangarei, and forms the entrance to the City. This land is proposed to be developed for tourist oriented activities to capture business from travellers heading both north and south. 

Retaining of sports fields at "Blue Goose"

Sports fields have been retained in the open space zone to provide active sport arena for the local residents. It also serves as a buffer between Otaika Quarry and the proposed Business 3 area. The sports fields also act as flood attenuating grounds during high rainfall intensity. 

Provision of Rural Residential development

This proposal covers SH1 south of Blue Goose and the Toe Toe area and seeks to provide for lifestyle development as a transition zone between the urban area and the rural countryside.  

Provision of Business 2 zone

The area covered by this proposal is along Te Waiiti Stream incorporating the United Carriers yard. The proposed light industrial activities will be a continuation of Rewa Rewa Road industrial precinct. 

Provision of Living 3 land on Morningside to Business 2 and Living 1

The central location to the city, residential development and industrial activities at Otaika makes this area desirable to develop for both residential and light industrial activities.

Expansion of Southdale Commercial area

This proposal seeks to consolidate commercial development by incorporating small pieces of land on both sides of the land zoned business 3 activities. 

Provision of Business 4 zone in Kioreroa Road

This proposal seeks to provide land for activities associated with resource recovery next to the transfer station. This will allow for more resource recovery related activities to take place in proximity with each other.

The remainder of the study area should be retained as Countryside.

Viewing the document

To view the full version of the document and the accompanying map, select from the links below.

Otaika, Raumanga and Toe Toe Structure Plan [2.16mb]

Otaika, Raumanga and Toe Toe Structure Plan map [378kb]


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