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 Urban Growth Strategy

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This page contains information about the Urban Growth Strategy for Whangarei district and a link to the full version of the document.

Our Urban Growth Strategy, adopted in 2003, was developed to ensure the issues and opportunities raised by growth in the district are dealt with in the best possible way.

It was developed in consultation with the community and has a 20 year horizon. Its aim is to:

  • ensure that Council and the community are well prepared for the changes time will bring
  • provide long term guidance for the management of the urban environment in and around Whangarei
  • provide opportunities to add value to our existing businesses
  • encourage and provide for inward investment in our district
  • ensure employment opportunities for our young people.


The population of Whangarei is growing steadily and the Urban Growth Strategy has been developed in recognition of the need to sustainably manage this growth.

The demographic, economic and social indicators for the Whangarei District raise important issues in regard to how the city should grow to best provide for the diverse needs of the district’s population.

The future capacity of residential and business land is an important gauge as to the ability of the city to grow and to allow business to locate in Whangarei and expand. The strategy examines the future capacity of these existing areas as well as exploring the potential for development in other areas.

Further issues of urban growth have been identified through consultation with the community and tangata whenua on district wide and area specific issues.

From this consultation and additional research, a vision for the urban area of Whangarei in 20 years time and 16 key issues relating to urban growth have been identified. Objectives, policies and methods have also been identified to address the issues and ensure that the vision is achieved.

The Urban Growth Strategy will be implemented over the planning timeframe through a range of methods. Of priority is the preparation of Structure Plans for identified areas. Implementation of the strategy will require the building of partnerships with various groups and organisations within the community,
as well as Council playing a role in education and advocacy.

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