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Central City Development

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This page contains information about the re-development of Whangarei's central city area.
Updated: 28/02/2018 8:13 a.m.

Whangarei City Centre

Planning for Whangarei’s future begins with the Whangarei City Centre Plan. This plan is a shared strategic vision for Whangarei City Centre over the next 30 years.

The Whangarei City Centre Plan is structured around five key outcomes stating what we want our city centre to be. This plan identifies transformational moves which are the fundamental changes that assist in delivering the key outcomes.

The key outcomes and transformational moves are supported through a design-led process which has used the knowledge of our business community and building owners, as well as expertise from Council.

The Whangarei City Centre Plan will inform future land use planning through our District Plan. It will identify future projects and outline where more detailed design thinking is required. Fundamentally, the Whangarei City Centre Plan will present a common vision for our city centre, shared by our Council, the community, business owners, land owners and potential developers.

You can view the 'Whangarei City Centre Plan 2017' document by clicking on the link below:

Whangarei City Centre Plan   

CBD Regeneration Information

There has been a lot of discussion recently on the state of our inner city. Issues such as the amount of car parking spaces and the number of vacant shops are important to our district.

To help inform this discussion, Whangarei District Council have compiled information on our central area. This includes:

  • Vacant premises

  • Land use

  • Car parking areas

We have also looked at other towns and cities in New Zealand to see how we compare in relation to retail vacancy.

The information was complied from the Whangarei District Council, Land-use Survey (2015), Colliers International New Zealand Ltd (2016), Bayleys New Zealand Ltd (2016).

Read the full report:

Urban Growth Strategy

The 2003 Urban Growth Strategy identified the consolidation of the CBD as its number one objective.

In 2006, Council adopted the 'Whangarei 20/20 Strategy' as a guideline development plan for the inner city. It provides a co-ordinated approach based on good urban design for the development of activities and attractions which will enhance the central city. 

The longer term planning proposals, which include development of the CBD, are contained in the '30/50 Whangarei Growth Strategy'. 

For details, select from the links below.

Viewing the Whangarei 20/20 Strategy

The 'Whangarei 20/20 Strategy' document has been split into sections for easier downloading. Select from the following list by clicking on the '+' next to the heading name. (Each document opens in a new window.)

You can view the 'Whangarei 20/20 Momentum' document by clicking on the link below or view the website.  

Whangarei 20/20 Momentum

Whangarei 20/20 Momentum website



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