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Upper North Island Strategic Alliance (UNISA)

This page contains information about the Upper North Island Strategic Alliance (UNISA).
Updated: 4/08/2016 4:32 p.m.

We are part of the Upper North Island Strategic Alliance (UNISA) which is an agreement to establish a long term collaboration between Whangarei District Council, Auckland Council, Bay of Plenty Regional Council, Northland Regional Council, Waikato Regional Council, Tauranga City Council and Hamilton City Council for responding to and managing a range of inter-regional and inter-metropolitan issues. 

UNISA is not a decision-making authority but is instead action-focussed, with collaborative working which, to date, has included the following three projects:

The Freight Story

The partner organisations have worked together, with NZTA, KiwiRail and Auckland Transport, industry and freight operators to decide on the key critical issues and opportunities where the collective partner focus could help deliver freight efficiencies, and to create a shared evidence base that will enable better future decision making. 

Integrated Port Study

The primary objective of the study was to develop a credible and consistent understanding of the upper North Island’s freight and port supply chain system. It is a technical, evidence based demand and supply study conducted by an independent supplier, which has had regard to existing relevant studies, information or research previously undertaken.

Industrial Land Demand Study

The Upper North Island Freight Story identified that a further piece of work was required to better refine the understanding of industrial land supply and to help better understand industrial land demand at the Upper North Island (UNI) scale.

The objectives of the UNISA Industrial Land Demand Study were to develop a better understanding of industrial land demand, and any emerging opportunities to make smart and efficient investment decisions.

Upper North Island Key Sector Trends to 2015 and Labour Demand to 2020

This report looks at trends for key sectors of our economy and the demand for labour and skills. The report finds that an extra 115,000 jobs are expected to be created across the Upper North Island between mid-2016 and 2020. A further 245,000 jobs will need to be filled to replace workers who leave the labour market. Over the next two years demand for labour is expected to exceed supply.

The report also identifies significant shortages in some occupations related to construction, freight, logistics and tourism. These constraints in skilled labour, may restrict the ability of these sectors to continue to grow.

Staff of UNISA councils are looking at how its recommendations will be implemented across the Upper North Island. Whangarei District Council are looking at more specific trends for our District and scoping out what role we can take in assisting sectors that will be experiencing labour shortages.

Viewing the documents

To view the documents that were produced as a result of these projects, please click on the following link to the Waikato Regional Council website:

Waikato Regional Council




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