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Whangarei Growth Strategy

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This page contains information about the 30/50 Whangarei Growth Strategy and the Implementation Plan.
Updated: 1/10/2018 10:37 a.m.

The Whangarei district experienced significant growth between 2001 and 2008. Future growth is projected to continue and in some areas, particularly in the Marsden Point/Ruakaka area, it has the potential to be substantial.  

The population of the district is projected to increase from 74,430 in 2006 to around 110,000 in 2041 (roughly the size of Tauranga) and to around 130,000 in 2061 (roughly the size of Hamilton). This represents an average annual increase of 1.35% or 1,000 additional people every year, and a total increase in population of around 55,000. This equates to an average annual increase in occupied dwellings of 1.42%, or 400 additional dwellings per year.

In addition, there are likely to be around 100 more holiday homes per year, mostly in coastal areas.

Our long-term plan to manage growth

To manage this projected growth sustainably, we have formulated a long term sub-regional growth strategy - 'Whangarei District Growth Strategy: Sustainable Futures 30/50'.  

30 year timeframe

The 30 year time frame enables us to plan ahead for major infrastructural developments. It also ties in with national and regional land transport strategies and plans formulated under the Land Transport Management Act 2003. 

50 year timeframe

The 50 year time frame enables us to respond to, and plan for, longer term natural cycles such as climate change, biological change (forestry and fisheries), changes to hydrology and changing land use patterns.  

The planning documents 

Whangarei Growth Strategy

This provides the overarching framework for a suite of planning documents. These documents have a 20-year plus timeframe.

  • Coastal Management Strategy
  • Urban Growth Strategy
  • Urban Form and Development Report
  • Open Space Strategy
  • Urban Design Strategy
  • 20/20+ Central City Development Plan
  • a range of structure plans produced for the coast and urban fringes.

Growth Strategy Implementation Plan

This outlines a programme to implement the Whangarei Growth Strategy. It details key actions, timeframes and costings together with how they will be monitored and reviewed.

Our Long Term Plan and the Whangarei District Plan are complementary documents which adopt a 10 year planning cycle. Implementation of the full range of actions will be phased in over time to coincide with successive Long Term Plans.

Viewing the strategy documents

The strategy documents are too large to display as single documents, so the chapters are listed individually under the headings below. To view them, click on the '+' next to each heading to display the contents of that section.

Each individual document opens in a new window.



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