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State of the Environment

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This page contains information about how we report on the state of the environment in the district, resource consents and complaints and includes links to the reports.
Updated: 12/06/2013 1:21 p.m.

Our environmental Monitoring Strategy provides a framework for the development of a comprehensive, integrated environmental monitoring programme so that we have a consistent approach to resource management and environmental planning.  

To view the document, follow the link below. 

Monitoring Strategy [856kb] 

State of the Environment monitoring and reporting

It is mandatory for us to monitor and report on the 'state' of the environment in the Whangarei district at an appropriate level so that we can carry out our functions under the Resource Management Act (RMA).  

Our State of the Environment reports provide a range of information on significant existing issues which have been identified in the District Plan. They also identify new significant issues and trends which we need to respond to through our planning processes.


The most recent State of the Environment Report on Biodiversity was completed in 2011 and our Biodiversity Strategy was completed in 2012. 

To view the strategy document and to find out more information about biodiversity in the Whangarei district, follow the link below.

Consents and complaints monitoring and reporting 

It is also mandatory for us to monitor, gather information and keep records on:

  • the exercise of resource consents in the district, including compliance with consent conditions
  • the number of complaints we receive about resource management issues, and how we dealt with them.

Our annual consents and complaints monitoring reports indicate how we are performing in regard to a range of issues and also indicate any that may require further attention.  

Some of the information presented in the monitoring reports will be collated over a longer time frame and will provide input to both district plan and state of the environment monitoring and reporting. 

This will help the evaluation of planning provisions in the District Plan and will enable improvements to be made over time.

Viewing the reports

The reports are listed under the headings below. Select from the list by clicking on the '+' to display the contents of each section.

Each individual document opens in a new window. 


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