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Placemaking Programme

This page contains information about the Whangarei Placemaking programme, which seeks to help communities create recognisable places in their neighbourhoods.
Updated: 3/09/2020 11:59 a.m.
Graphic showing a timeline for the Placemaking Programme.

What is Placemaking?

The aim of Placemaking Plans is for Council and the community to work collaboratively and create great places for those who live, work and play there.

We are currently working on a Placemaking Programme, and will be developing Placemaking Plans. This is to respond to growth and changes in our communities and the key challenges and opportunities that come with it.

Whangarei is growing and changing but there is a gap when it comes to understanding how this affects specific locations. A ‘one size fits all’ approach is not the best for our diverse District because each place is different. Communities have their own set of qualities, unique characteristics and people who make them special.

Placemaking Plans are integrated plans which develop a 20-30 shared vision for how a location will change and grow. They will:

  • Support future District Plan reviews/changes. 
  • Align planning with the infrastructure programme in the Long-Term Plan.
  • Balance infrastructure, amenity and environmental outcomes.
  • Provide a level of certainty for infrastructure providers, communities and potential developers and guide future investment in the District.
  • Identify and prioritise projects based on community values. 
  • Provide a vehicle for community input into planning & development decisions.

Placemaking plans will not:

  • Be a statutory plan which can be enforced.
  • Address detailed operational matters or the management of specific assets.
  • Look at detailed design of projects.
  • Be fully implemented or achieved in the short term.
  • Have an established implementation budget. This will be confirmed through future long term plans and annual plans.

Once completed, each Placemaking Plan will identify actions which will feed into Council’s future planning and infrastructure work and align with the Long-Term Plan and Annual Plan funding. 

Tikipunga and Hikurangi initial Placemaking Survey Results

A total of 300 people took part in an online Placemaking survey, which was part of the first stage of the placemaking process.

Of those, 71 from Hikurangi and 82 from Tikipunga have put their names forward to be part of the ongoing Placemaking Project in their areas.

The link to the report is here:

Placemaking Plan - Summary of Feedback - Hikurangi and Tikupunga [800kb] 

Hikurangi Placemaking Survey results

Improving connectivity within Hikurangi and to the wider Whangarei area through safer and attractive roads and walking and cycling options was one of the key themes for the Hikurangi survey.

Retaining the unique natural and cultural heritage of the village and the sense of community was another key theme as was enhancing Hikurangi’s profile as a destination for visitors and residents.

Opportunities for future improvements include:

  • beautification of streets, parks and buildings
  • diverse activities for locals and visitors to enjoy
  • walking and cycling links and creating safer streets for vehicles and pedestrians
  • working closely with and supporting the community
  • managed growth and development

Tikipunga Placemaking Survey results

Change was one of the key themes identified in the Tikipunga survey. The suburb is changing due to growth, which is putting pressure on housing, public spaces and infrastructure but also bringing opportunities for improved community facilities.

The community love their place, the history and heritage, natural environment, rural backdrop and diverse people who live there and want to celebrate this.

Connectivity was another key theme. People enjoyed walking and cycling during the Covid-19 lockdown and would benefit from wider, improved footpaths and safer roads and intersections to cope with increased traffic.

Opportunities for future improvements include:

  • managing growth and development
  • community safety and improving public spaces and facilities
  • improving safety on busy roads and intersections including Kiripaka Road, Corks Road, Herekino Street and Paramount Parade
  • better walking, cycling and public transport connections

What happens next?

Collaboration with the community will remain a key factor as Council moves into the development of solutions and actions. A second, more formal round of engagement will be held in the coming months.

Please get in touch with us at if you would like to get involved.




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