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Proposed Plan Changes 85, A-D, 86A and B, 87, 102 and 114

This page contains an overview of the proposed District Plan Changes 85, A-D, 86A and B, 87, 102 and 114.
Updated: 20/09/2017 3:53 p.m.

​Notification of Proposed Plan Changes

Whangarei District Council is notifying the following 10 proposed Plan Changes to the Whangarei District Plan as part of the Plan’s rolling review. 

The Plan Changes propose new Environments (zones) and Resource Areas (overlays) with associated objectives, policies and provisions.  

A brochure which gives a summary of the proposed Plan Changes can be viewed by clicking on the following link:

Summary Brochure [1,021kb]

Maps showing how the proposed Plan Changes apply to my property

Use GIS maps to see how the proposals apply to your property (see link below to access maps).  

Once you have accessed GIS maps, click on the District Plan module on the left hand side. 

Use Address Search to locate your property.  Refer to the plan change folder to see the proposed zoning that applies to your property. 

If you wish to print the relevant operative or proposed district plan map for your property, please click on the PDF’s on right hand side.

Further Information

For further information on each of the proposed Plan Changes and to view the proposed District Plan Text, consequential amendments to the District Plan and Section 32 Evaluation Reports please click on the name of the proposed Plan Change above. 



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