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District Plan Maps

Image for the District Plan Maps page.
This page contains information about the District Plan maps and how to view and use them.
Updated: 29/10/2019 2:15 p.m.

These maps form the second volume of the District Plan and are arranged in three series: Environments, Resource Areas and Coastal Areas.

  • Environments (formerly called zones) show the areas that the District is divided into. Every part of the District is in an Environment.
  • Resource Areas show areas that are specially managed for various reasons.
  • Coastal Areas show the Coastal Area, Outstanding Natural Character Area and the High Natural Character Area.

Each map in the Environments and Resource Areas series covers the same geographical area.  The Coastal Areas maps only cover the geographical area they relate to.

The Environments maps also show:

  • Designations
  • Road Hierarchy
  • Indicative Roads
  • Scheduled Activities and Overlay Areas (where deviations to the plan are identified).

Airport approach paths (Designation DW 125) are mapped in greater detail in Chapter 85 of the District Plan text (found in Part C).

Whangarei District Plan Map Index

The below map shows the current Whangarei District Plan Map Index, with links to the published District Plan PDF maps.

Click on one of the numbered frames to view a pop up with links to the corresponding Resource Area map, Environments map and Coastal map where available.

The Map Legend is also displayed in each numbered frame with an additional link available below:

District Plan Map Legend [330kb]

All map links are to PDF documents and will open in a new window.

Please note, if you cannot see the map below, you are using a browser that is not supported by ArcGIS. 

Please consider changing your browser to either Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari.

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View the map in full screen (Opens in a new window)

Alternatively, the index maps can be used with the map search below.

Select an area from the drop down menu choice below. The maps associated with that area will be listed. 

​GIS maps

The GIS map system is an interactive system that records a wide range of property information including the District Plan Zonings and Resource Areas.

People can identify their property and use filters to find the information they require, including the District Plan information.

However the PDF map set (linked above) are considered to be the only true Operative District Plan Maps. The GIS map system should be considered indicative only.

Follow the link below to our GIS information pages.

Scheduled, Overlay Area, Precinct Plan Maps

Scheduled, Overlay Area, Precinct Plan Maps are maps on various scales depicting details of conditions of the scheduled activities which are listed in Chapter 49 of the District Plan.



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