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Resource Area Maps

Whangarei District Resource Areas Map is part of the District Plan and shows the areas that are specially managed for various reasons.

Click on an area to view the associated Resource Areas map.

Map 15Map 12City Resource Areas IndexMap 23AMap 22Map 1Map 60Map 59BMap 21Map 20Map 63BMap 63AMap 8Map 8Map 26AMap 27Map 31Map 29Map 30Map 13Map 15Map 62AMap 62BMap 50Map 32BMap 32AMap 16Map 48Map 46Map 47Map 49Map 50Map 52AMap 62CMap 52BMap 53Map 51Map 54Map 55Map 56MAp 57Map 58Map 59AMap 19Map 62DMap 17Map 18Map 62Map 14Map 25Map 24Map 23BMap 3Map 28Map 7Map 28AMap 26BMap 40Map 61BMap 66Map 65Map 67Map 68Map 69Map 48Map 61CMap 61DMap 11Map 10Map 61AMap 5Map 6Map 9Map 4Map 2Map 64


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