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Plan Change 82 A & B, 88 A-J, 109, 115, 136, 143, 144, 145, 147 & 148 : District Plan Changes: Urban and Services

This page contains an overview of the draft Urban and Services Plan Change: 82 A & B, 88 A-J, 109, 115, 136, 143, 144, 145, 147 & 148
Updated: 6/12/2019 2:45 p.m.

Affected Part of District Plan:

Large sections of the Operative plan including all urban areas (e.g. Living and Business Environments), all Open Space Environments and provisions relating to a number of different topics are affected by these proposed changes.

Contact Person:

Melissa McGrath – Manager, District Plan, Whangarei District Council.


Council has proposed plan changes 82 A & B, 88 A-J, 109 115, 136, 143, 144, 145, 147 & 148 to the Whangrei District Plan.

This package includes rezoning of urban and open space areas and the introduction of new district wide chapters.



  As at 25 November the hearings are now open.

This package is proposed as part of the rolling review of the Whangarei District Plan and can be broken down into three major sections:

Proposed Urban Plan Changes 

Rezoning is proposed throughout the Urban Area, this includes new Living and Business Zones as well as special purpose zones and precincts.

Proposed District Wide Plan Changes

This package includes proposals for chapters containing provisions that apply to the district as a whole. Subdivision, strategic direction, transport, earthworks, signs, lighting and a three waters management chapters are included.

Proposed Plan Change 115 - Green Space Zones

This plan change proposes new zones with associated objectives, policies and provisions:
PC115 Conservation Zone, Open Space Zone and Sport and Active Recreation Zone.

Note: No resolution has been included to identify rules with either early or delayed legal effect. In the majority of cases this will mean that rules do not have legal effect prior to a Decision in terms of Clause 10(4) of Schedule One to the Resource Management Act 1991. 
However, legal effect of all proposed provisions should be evaluated under the provisions of the Resource Management Act 1991.


How to learn more:

This is a large Package of Plan Changes which will effect a large number of people in our district, it is important that you are able to understand how you will be effected so that you can consider if you would like to make a submission.

With over 3,000 pages of provisions and technical reports available for these Plan Changes it's tough to know where to start. In order to help out we've prepared a separate website which includes interactive mapping and summaries of the proposed Plan Changes.

Click the banner below for an overview of what is proposed:

Urban and Services Plan Change Package banner.

Urban and Services Plan Change Package Website (opens in a new window)


If you know what you're after however, notification information, Section 32 Reports, and the proposed District Plan Text and Maps are available from the dropdowns below.

Contact us

Should you require assistance we encourage you to email us or give us a call on 09 430 4200.

We do expect that we will be busy with enquiries but will endeavour to respond as soon as is possible. 

Map Index [970.5kb]
Map Legend [295.5kb]
Zoning Map 1 [125.1kb]
Zoning Map 2 [109.6kb]
Zoning Map 3 [134kb]
Zoning Map 4 [60kb]
Zoning Map 5 [125.8kb]
Zoning Map 6 [1102.7kb]
Zoning Map 7 [214.7kb]
Zoning Map 8 [130.1kb]
Zoning Map 9 [211.8kb]
Zoning Map 10 [843.3kb]
Zoning Map 11 [193.9kb]
Zoning Map 12 [171.5kb]
Zoning Map 13 [388.3kb]
Zoning Map 14 [243kb]
Zoning Map 15 [79.8kb]
Zoning Map 16 [208.7kb]
Zoning Map 17 [177.2kb]
Zoning Map 18 [40.5kb]
Zoning Map 19 [67.8kb]
Zoning Map 20 [176.1kb]
Zoning Map 21 [92.1kb]
Zoning Map 22 [103.6kb]
Zoning Map 23 [89.7kb]
Zoning Map 24 [81.2kb]
Zoning Map 25 [92.5kb]
Zoning Map 26 [83.4kb]
Zoning Map 27 [83.2kb]
Zoning Map 28 [113.4kb]
Zoning Map 29 [112.8kb]
Zoning Map 30 [133.9kb]
Zoning Map 31 [106.7kb]
Zoning Map 32 [98.3kb]
Zoning Map 33 [93.9kb]
Zoning Map 34 [105kb]
Zoning Map 35 [93.5kb]
Zoning Map 36 [126.7kb]
Zoning Map 37 [81kb]
Zoning Map 38 [122.4kb]
Zoning Map 39 [83.9kb]
Zoning Map 40 [78.9kb]
Zoning Map 41 [108.1kb]
Zoning Map 42 [113kb]
Zoning Map 43 [136.9kb]
Zoning Map 44 [127.9kb]
Zoning Map 45 [92.3kb]
Zoning Map 46 [169.5kb]
Zoning Map 47 [136.4kb]
Zoning Map 48 [146.9kb]
Zoning Map 49 [95.8kb]
Zoning Map 50 [99.5kb]
Zoning Map 51 [102.3kb]
Zoning Map 52 [144.2kb]
Zoning Map 53 [160.3kb]
Zoning Map 54 [101.5kb]
Zoning Map 55 [194.9kb]
Zoning Map 56 [103.3kb]
Zoning Map 57 [115.4kb]
Zoning Map 58 [288.7kb]
Zoning Map 59 [220.9kb]
Zoning Map 60 [180kb]
Zoning Map 61 [85.8kb]
Zoning Map 62 [236.9kb]
Zoning Map 63 [201.1kb]
Zoning Map 64 [98.5kb]
Zoning Map 65 [94.5kb]
Zoning Map 66 [486.4kb]
Zoning Map 67 [219.4kb]
Zoning Map 68 [218.3kb]
Zoning Map 69 [90.6kb]
Zoning Map 70 [132.3kb]
Zoning Map 71 [157.9kb]
Zoning Map 72 [446.5kb]
Zoning Map 73 [151.5kb]
Zoning Map 74 [138.9kb]
Zoning Map 75 [119.5kb]
Zoning Map 76 [148.8kb]
Zoning Map 77 [121.9kb]
Zoning Map 78 [90.2kb]
Zoning Map 79 [99kb]
Zoning Map 80 [93.5kb]
Zoning Map 81 [74.7kb]
Zoning Map 82 [93kb]
Zoning Map 83 [128.9kb]
Zoning Map 84 [96kb]
Zoning Map 85 [34.5kb]
Zoning Map 86 [41.3kb]
Resource Area Map 1 [191.9kb]
Resource Area Map 2 [131.8kb]
Resource Area Map 3 [164.5kb]
Resource Area Map 4 [68.5kb]
Resource Area Map 5 [150.3kb]
Resource Area Map 6 [194.5kb]
Resource Area Map 7 [313kb]
Resource Area Map 8 [149.4kb]
Resource Area Map 9 [264.5kb]
Resource Area Map 10 [539.2kb]
Resource Area Map 11 [232.5kb]
Resource Area Map 12 [214.8kb]
Resource Area Map 13 [423.9kb]
Resource Area Map 14 [299.2kb]
Resource Area Map 15 [99kb]
Resource Area Map 16 [262.9kb]
Resource Area Map 17 [206.2kb]
Resource Area Map 18 [46.4kb]
Resource Area Map 19 [76.3kb]
Resource Area Map 20 [199.5kb]
Resource Area Map 20 [90.1kb]
Resource Area Map 22 [127.2kb]
Resource Area Map 23 [119.4kb]
Resource Area Map 24 [95.6kb]
Resource Area Map 25 [99.1kb]
Resource Area Map 26 [105.5kb]
Resource Area Map 27 [98.1kb]
Resource Area Map 28 [128.2kb]
Resource Area Map 29 [122.9kb]
Resource Area Map 30 [160kb]
Resource Area Map 31 [125.6kb]
Resource Area Map 32 [124.3kb]
Resource Area Map 33 [102.2kb]
Resource Area Map 34 [108.5kb]
Resource Area Map 35 [98kb]
Resource Area Map 36 [131kb]
Resource Area Map 37 [172.2kb]
Resource Area Map 38 [193.5kb]
Resource Area Map 39 [158.7kb]
Resource Area Map 40 [171.7kb]
Resource Area Map 42 [129.6kb]
Resource Area Map 42 [162kb]
Resource Area Map 43 [142.7kb]
Resource Area Map 44 [157.6kb]
Resource Area Map 45 [89.6kb]
Resource Area Map 46 [186.4kb]
Resource Area Map 47 [156.4kb]
Resource Area Map 48 [181.5kb]
Resource Area Map 49 [112.3kb]
Resource Area Map 50 [122kb]
Resource Area Map 51 [115.3kb]
Resource Area Map 52 [245kb]
Resource Area Map 53 [140.9kb]
Resource Area Map 54 [145.8kb]
Resource Area Map 55 [170.2kb]
Resource Area Map 56 [116.4kb]
Resource Area Map 57 [111.6kb]
Resource Area Map 58 [366.2kb]
Resource Area Map 59 [330.1kb]
Resource Area Map 60 [257.4kb]
Resource Area Map 61 [84.1kb]
Resource Area Map 62 [222.2kb]
Resource Area Map 63 [236.5kb]
Resource Area Map 64 [100.9kb]
Resource Area Map 65 [97.3kb]
Resource Area Map 66 [264.4kb]
Resource Area Map 67 [279.3kb]
Resource Area Map 68 [301.5kb]
Resource Area Map 69 [103.2kb]
Resource Area Map 70 [115.6kb]
Resource Area Map 71 [126.2kb]
Resource Area Map 72 [274.5kb]
Resource Area Map 73 [166.5kb]
Resource Area Map 74 [166.5kb]
Resource Area Map 75 [165.6kb]
Resource Area Map 76 [102.1kb]
Resource Area Map 77 [145.8kb]
Resource Area Map 78 [112kb]
Resource Area Map 79 [119.4kb]
Resource Area Map 80 [98.9kb]
Resource Area Map 81 [92kb]
Resource Area Map 82 [123.3kb]
Resource Area Map 83 [138.2kb]
Resource Area Map 84 [111.7kb]
Resource Area Map 85 [40.2kb]
Resource Area Map 86 [44.3kb]
Original Submissions 001 to 010 [13700.5kb]
Original Submissions 011 to 020 [5987kb]
Original Submissions 021 to 030 [4297.1kb]
Original Submissions 031 to 040 [4799.8kb]
Original Submissions 041 to 050 [5577.7kb]
Original Submissions 051 to 060 [5677.2kb]
Original Submissions 061 to 071 [9363kb]
Original Submissions 072 [3153.4kb]
Original Submissions 073 to 080 [7751.2kb]
Original Submissions 081 to 090 [4965.3kb]
Original Submissions 091 to 100 [12297.6kb]
Original Submissions 101 to 110 [6403.3kb]
Original Submissions 111 to 120 [6158.4kb]
Original Submissions 121 to 130 [7774.2kb]
Original Submissions 131 to 140 [4924.5kb]
Original Submissions 141 to 146 [10528.6kb]
Original Submissions 147 to 148 [13978.3kb]
Original Submissions 149 to 150 [14220.8kb]
Original Submissions 151 to 160 [6943.9kb]
Original Submissions 161 to 170 [5333.6kb]
Original Submissions 171 to 180 [7857.5kb]
Original Submissions 181 to 190 [7712.6kb]
Original Submissions 191 to 200 [14023.3kb]
Original Submissions 201 to 207 [6920.2kb]
Original Submissions 208 to 210 [11602.2kb]
Original Submissions 211 to 220 [3931.7kb]
Original Submissions 221 to 224 [9987.8kb]
Original Submissions 225 to 230 [6925.9kb]
Original Submissions 231 to 240 [11695kb]
Original Submissions 241 to 250 [8647.2kb]
Original Submissions 251 to 255 [11090.7kb]
Original Submissions 256 to 260 [9209.2kb]
Original Submissions 261 to 267 [9682.8kb]
Original Submissions 268 [5327.6kb]
Original Submissions 269 to 270 [13126.9kb]
Original Submissions 271 to 280 [4199.3kb]
Original Submissions 281 to 290 [9997.2kb]
Original Submissions 291 to 300 [5171.4kb]
Original Submissions 301 to 310 [5058.9kb]
Original Submissions 311 to 315 [4016.6kb]
Original Submissions 316 to 317 [4848.6kb]
Memorandum to Hearing Commissioners - Conflict of Interest Concern [363kb]
District Plan - Urban and Services Plan Change - Hearing Schedule [105.4kb]
Part 3 s42A Commercial - Errata Report [219.8kb]
Part 5 s42A Industry - Errata Report [82.1kb]
Part 5 Errata Addedum - Attachment 1 [154.4kb]
Part 8 s42A Zoning - Errata Report [75.2kb]
PC8888 Urban and Services Further Submission Tracking Table [851.3kb]
PC8888 Urban and Services s42A Report Tracking Table [1124.1kb]
Part 1 - s42A Report - General Overview [652.8kb]
Attachment 1 of Part 1 - s42A Report - General Overview [5837.5kb]
Attachment 2 of Part 1 - s42A Report - General Overview [1959.1kb]
Attachment 3 of Part 1 - s42A Report - General Overview [768.4kb]
Attachment 4 of Part 1 - s42A Report - General Overview [1447.8kb]
Attachment 5 of Part 1 - s42A Report - General Overview [1121.9kb]
Attachment 6 of Part 1 - s42A Report - General Overview [1385.9kb]
Part 2 - s42A Report - Strategic Direction and Subdivision [1656.6kb]
Part 3 - s42A Report - Commercial [6204.5kb]
Part 4 - s42A Report - Centres [1536.9kb]
Part 5 - s42A Report - Industry [2051.8kb]
Part 6 - s42A Report - Living Zones [3096.6kb]
Part 7 - s42A Report - Regionally Significant Zones (Airport, Hospital and Port) [3519.6kb]
Submissions of Counsel - Third Supplementary - Whangarei District Council [770.4kb]
Submissions of Counsel - Second Supplementary - Whangarei District Council [984.8kb]
Part 8 - s42A Report - Zoning Submissions [9618.1kb]
Submissions of Counsel - First Supplement - Whangare District Council [733.2kb]
Submissions of Counsel - Whangarei District Council [1104.2kb]
Attachment 1 of Part 8 - s42A Report - Zoning Submissions [11266.3kb]
Attachment 2 of Part 8 - s42A Report - Zoning Submissions [40.6kb]
Attachment 3 of Part 8 - s42A Report - Zoning Submissions [104.6kb]
Attachment 4 of Part 8 - s42A Report - Zoning Submissions [11200.2kb]
Part 9 - s42A Report - Services [1258.4kb]
Attachment 1 of Part 9 - s42A Report - Services [130.9kb]
Attachment 2 of Part 9 - s42A Report - Services [848.5kb]
Attachment 3 of Part 9 - s42A Report - Services [162.2kb]
Attachment 4 of Part 9 - s42A Report - Services [133.8kb]
Attachment 5 of Part 9 - s42A Report - Services [13709.2kb]
Part 10 - s42A Report - Signs and Lighting [3413.2kb]
Part 11 - s42A Report - Open Space Zones [1329.4kb]
Part 12 - s2A Report - Precincts [3539kb]
Evidence to be Tabled - Bunnings Ltd [133kb]
Evidence to be Tabled - Carter Holt Harvey [69.2kb]
Evidence to be Tabled - Ministry of Education [156.2kb]
Evidence to be Tabled - Fonterra [238.4kb]
Evidence to be Tabled - The General Trust Board of the Diocese of Auckland [113.8kb]
Evidence to be Tabled - Horticulture New Zealand [191.1kb]
Evidence to be Tabled - Northpower [178.9kb]
Evidence to be Tabled - The Oil Companies [2500.2kb]
Evidence to be Tabled - Woolworths New Zealand Limited [110.8kb]
Evidence to be Tabled - Z Energy [469.6kb]
Pre-Circulated Evidence - Atlas Concrete Limited [315.1kb]
Pre-Circulated Evidence - C and K Pyle [5718.8kb]
Pre-Circulated Evidence - Circa Marine and Industrial Limited [496.7kb]
Pre-Circulated Evidence - C Johnston and D and R Ford [560.2kb]
Pre-Circulated Evidence - Te Ara Poutama (Department of Corrections) [270.2kb]
Pre-Circulated Evidence - Douglas Birt [3762kb]
Pre-Circulated Evidence - D, P and J Robinson [832.8kb]
Pre-Circulated Evidence - EB Developments [8765.2kb]
Pre-Circulated Evidence - Fire and Emergency New Zealand [253.7kb]
Pre-Circulated Evidence - Foodstuffs North Island Limited [2230.5kb]
Pre-Circulated Evidence - Harvey Norman Properties (N.Z.) Ltd. and Tauroa Street Ltd [1260.8kb]
Pre-Circulated Evidence - Heron Construction Holdings Ltd [4087.5kb]
Pre-Circulated Evidence - Homeworld [2978.5kb]
Pre-Circulated Evidence - Kainga Ora Homes and Communities (formerly Housing New Zealand) [17802.5kb]
Pre-Circulated Evidence - KiwiRail Holdings Ltd [514.6kb]
Pre-Circulated Evidence - Lisa Doran [751kb]
Pre-Circulated Evidence - Marsden Maritime Holdings Limited [2867.1kb]
Pre-Circulated Evidence - Northland District Health Board [16287.3kb]
Pre-Circulated Evidence - Nga Tai Ora - Public Health Northland, Northland District Health Board [625.9kb]
Pre-Circulated Evidence - National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research Limited [1001.8kb]
Pre-Circulated Evidence - New Zealand Transport Agency [12738.9kb]
Pre-Circulated Evidence - Norsand Ltd [698.5kb]
Pre-Circulated Evidence - Northland Christian Camps Trust Board [907.6kb]
Pre-Circulated Evidence - Northport Ltd [3004.2kb]
Pre-Circulated Evidence - Northland Regional Council [1405.8kb]
Pre-Circulated Evidence - Patuharakeke Iwi Trust Board [16053.1kb]
Pre-Circulated Evidence - Port Nikau Joint Venture [18818kb]
Pre-Circulated Evidence - Port Nikau Three Joint Venture [3646.7kb]
Pre-Circulated Evidence - Quality Developments Limited [14462.7kb]
Pre-Circulated Evidence - Ruakaka Economic Development Group [8597.7kb]
Pre-Circulated Evidence - Southpark Ltd [3762.4kb]
Pre-Circulated Evidence - Stephen Westgate [1408.4kb]
Pre-Circulated Evidence - The Director General of Conservation [959.8kb]
Pre-Circulated Evidence - Transpower New Zealand Limited [386.4kb]
Pre-Circulated Evidence - Udy Investments [3294.2kb]
Pre-Circulated Evidence - United Port Road Ltd [706.7kb]
Pre-Circulated Evidence - University of Auckland [320.2kb]
Pre-Circulated Evidence - WDC Infrastructure [285.2kb]



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