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Plan Change 85, A-D and 86A and B : Rural Environment Plan Changes

This page contains information about the notification of the  proposed Rural Environment Plan Changes.  
Updated: 10/09/2019 8:42 a.m.

Affected Part of District Plan:

All Rural land.

Contact Person:

District Plan Department , Whangarei District Council.


Whangarei District Council gives notice that it has prepared the following proposed plan changes to the Whangarei District Plan (WDP):


Plan Change 85 – Rural Area (PC85)

PC85 proposes to identify the environmental expectations and outcomes for rural areas through the proposed Rural Area (RA) objectives, policies and performance standards (which apply to all of the proposed Rural Environments). 

Plan Change 85A – Rural Production Environment (PC85A) 

PC85A proposes to replace the existing Coastal Countryside Environment and Countryside Environment with the Rural Production Environment (RPE).  The RPE seeks to provide primarily for the productive use and development of rural land and resources. 

Plan Change 85B – Strategic Rural Industries Environment (PC85B)

PC85B proposes to replace WDP Scheduled Activities 14, 15 and 16 with the Strategic Rural Industries Environment (SRIE).  The SRIE seeks to recognise and provide for the retention and managed expansion of established industries of strategic significance located in rural areas. 

Plan Change 85C – Rural Village Environment (PC85C)

PC85C proposes to replace existing Living 1 and 3, and Business 2, 3 and 4 Environments in the existing rural and coastal villages with Rural Village Environment (RVE) and three Sub-Environments: Rural Village Residential (RVRE), Rural Village Centre (RVCE), and Rural Village Industry (RVIE).  The RVE seeks to provide for a range of activities which support village communities, while also protecting the amenity values within each Sub-Environment. 

Plan Change 85D – Rural Living Environment (PC85D)

PC85D proposes to rezone clusters of rural lifestyle development from Countryside Environment to Rural Living Environment (RLE).  The RLE seeks to provide opportunities for the on-going development of land for rural living activities in locations that have an existing density compatible with lifestyle development.

Plan Change 86A - Rural (Urban Expansion) Environment (PC86A)

PC86A proposes to rezone clusters of rural residential development in close proximity to Whangarei City from Countryside Environment to Rural (Urban Expansion) Environment (RUEE).  Together with proposed Living 1 and Living 3 Environment rezoning (PC86B) the RUEE seeks to provide for the future urban growth of Whangarei City in areas that are contiguous with urban development.

Plan Change 86B – Rural (Urban Expansion) Living Environment Zoning (PC86B)

PC86B proposes to rezone specific locations in close proximity to Whangarei City from Countryside Environment to Living 1 and Living 3 Environments. These proposed new residential areas will provide for projected population growth in the Whangarei district.  

Plan Change 87 - Coastal Area (PC87)

PC87 forms Part 7 of the Rural Plan Changes Section 32 Evaluation Report and should be read in conjunction with the proposed Plan Changes listed above.  To view information on PC87, please click on the following link:

Viewing Maps and the Documents

To access GIS mapping to see how the proposed Rural Environment Plan Changes applies to your property, please click on the following link:

To view the proposed District Plan Text, Consequential Amendments to the District Plan and the Section 32 Evaluation Reports, please click on the 'General Information' folder below.

Further Information

To view further information and material relating to these Plan Changes please click the following link:


  Operative as of 6 March 2019.


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