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Plan Change 82 : Signs and Artificial Lighting

This page contains information about the proposed District Plan Change 82: Signs and Artificial Lighting.
Updated: 28/06/2018 11:47 a.m.

Affected Part of District Plan:

Affected Part of District Plan: All signs and artificial lighting rules within the Environments Chapters.

Contact Person:

Mellissa McGrath – Manager, District Plan, Whangarei District Council


Plan Change 82 is seeking to replace the individually repeated signage and lighting rules throughout all Environments (zones) in the WDP with one district wide chapter that relates to signs and lighting.


​Signs and artificial lighting are identified as being important attributes features of the urban environment and play an important role in contributing to the social, cultural and economic wellbeing of the Whangarei District. 

Signs are generally considered to be any device intended to attract the attention of viewers for the purpose of conveying information, directing, identifying, informing or advertising.

Signs can take many forms, they may be interactive, moving, illuminated, integrated into development or freestanding/isolated and they may convey all manner of information. 

Artificial lighting involves the use of light sources to illuminate areas, most commonly during times of low light such as night-time or where a certain light level is required in relation to specific activities. 

Both signs and lighting have the potential to generate adverse effects which impact on the amenity of the environment in which they are located and on the safe and efficient operation of the road corridor.

The need to manage these adverse effects and identify appropriate limits for both signs and lighting is important to maintain the amenity and character of the Environments throughout the district and ensure that the safe and continued function of the road network. 

Changes are proposed to the provisions to assist with the way the provisions are understood and applied and to ensure that the technical detail including the standards referred to in the provisions are up to date.

The draft chapter can be found in the General Information tab below for your review.


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