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Plan Change 135 : GNLC Limited (Private)

This page contains information about the proposed District Plan, Private Plan Change 135 GNLC Limited.

Updated: 22/11/2017 2:27 p.m.

Affected Part of District Plan:

NAV Noise and Vibration and MPC Marsden Primary Centre Chapters.

Contact Person:

Melissa McGrath - Team Leader District Plan


Private Plan Change 135 GNLC Limited is seeking to:

Rename the Residential Compatible Industry and Light Industry Policy Areas in the Marsden Primary Centre to Mixed Use 1 and Mixed Use 2 respectively to reflect the range of activities provided for, and

Revise the noise rules relating to the Marsden Primary Centre, and specifically the Residential Compatible Industry (Mixed Use 1) and Light Industry (Mixed Use 2) Policy Areas within the Industry Environment, in order to enable the development of mixed use activities such as residential dwellings/units, and including the proposed Bream Bay Retirement Village.

The subject land is currently zoned Industry Environment (Light Industry Policy Area and Residential Compatible Industry Policy Area) as identified in the Precinct 2 Maps.  The applicable Policy Areas are subject to Noise Zone 2 rules.

The Noise Zone rules relating to the subject land (Noise Zone 2) were originally set out in Part A of the Specific Effects Thresholds for Marsden Primary Centre – Town Centre South and Industry Environments; however these “old” rules have recently been amended and relocated by Plan Change 110: Noise and Vibration provisions which became operative on 24 May 2016.   The Plan Change has altered the way in which the noise rules are applied to development in Noise Zone 2. 

The proposal seeks the revision of the noise limits and noise hours for Noise Zone 2 as follows:

55 dB LAEQ between the hours of 0700 to 2200, and (ii) 45 dB LAEQ between the hours of 2200 to 0700.  



No appeals were lodged with the Enironment Court during the appeal period ending at 5.00pm 5 September 2017

Viewing the documents

Documents relevant to this plan change are listed under the headings below. To view them, click on the '+' next to each heading. Each document displays in a new window.



  Plan Change 135 became operative 1 November 2017

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