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Plan Change 110 : Noise and Vibration

This page contains information about the proposed District Plan Change 110: Noise and Vibration.
Updated: 23/05/2016 1:16 p.m.

Affected Part of District Plan:

New chapter.

Contact Person:

Melissa McGrath (Team Leader - District Plan), Policy and Monitoring, Whangarei District Council.


Noise has the potential to cause adverse effects, depending on a number of factors including frequency, timing, volume and the type of noise. Disturbance of sleep is often the greatest complaint in relation to noise, however other adverse effects include general nuisance, psychological and chronic health effects, interference with speech communication and interference with learning processes, thinking and education. The World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines for community noise recommend that levels of 30-35 LAeq are required in bedrooms to protect sleep disturbance and 35-40 LAeq in other habitable spaces to protect indoor amenity.


​Council has undertaken a comprehensive review of noise and vibration provisions in the District Plan, with a technical report provided from Marshall Day Acoustics (which is available to view by clicking on the 'General Information' heading at the bottom of this page). Background research showed that the District Plan’s current approach to noise and vibration is disjointed and outdated. The District Plan references superseded New Zealand standards and noise terminology that is no longer consistent with national and international best practice.

Plan Change 110 seeks to introduce objectives, policies and rules for noise and vibration at a District Wide level that are consistent with best practice, and that uphold what is required for the health and safety of people and communities, and the amenity values of the Environment in which they are located.


  This Plan Change became operative on 24 May 2016.

Viewing the Documents

Documents relevant to this plan change are listed under the headings below.  To view them, click on the '+' next to each heading.  Each document displays in a new window. 

There is no information to display.
Section 42A Hearing Report [524.8kb]
Attachment 1 - Plan Change 110 Provisions as Notified [736.6kb]
Attachment 2 - Summary of Consequential Changes to the District Plan [175.1kb]
Attachment 3 - Summary of Submissions [136.8kb]
Attachment 4 - Statement of Evidence by Peter Ibbotson - Marshall Day Acoustics Consultants [138kb]
Attachment 5 - Provisions with changes recommended in the Section 42A Hearing Report [751.2kb]
Attachment 6 - Chapter 18 - Minerals [159.9kb]
Attachment 7 - Glossary of Noise Terminology [147kb]
Pre-Circulated Evidence - Company Evidence - Fonterra [151.7kb]
Pre-Circulated Evidence - Planning Evidence - Fonterra [291.4kb]
Pre-Circulated Evidence - Technical Evidence - Fonterra [168.5kb]
Pre-Circulated Evidence - James Block - NZ Transport Agency [373.2kb]
Pre-Circulated Evidence - Rob Owen - NZ Defence Force [29.6kb]
Pre-Circulated Evidence - Malcolm Hunt - Acoustic Evidence - NZ Defence Force [87.5kb]
Pre-Circulated Evidence - Sara McMillan - Planning Evidence - NZ Defence Force [2840.6kb]
Pre-Circulated Evidence - Radio NZ [128.5kb]
Pre-Circulated Evidence - Winstone Aggregates and Golden Bay Cement [326.9kb]
Tabled Evidence #1 - Dr John Osborne [173.1kb]
Tabled Evidence #2 - Ministry of Education [171.9kb]
Tabled Evidence #3 - Peter Ibbotson [5485.8kb]
Tabled Evidence #4 - Terry Douglas [302.2kb]
Tabled Evidence #5 - Sam Manderson [132.2kb]
Tabled Evidence #6 - Margaret Hicks [2002.3kb]
Tabled Evidence #7 - Horticulture NZ [1160.6kb]
Tabled Evidence #8 - Sporting Shooters Association NZ [152.1kb]
Tabled Evidence #9 - Whangarei Pistol Club [116.6kb]
Right of Reply from Reporting Planner [353.2kb]
Attachment 1 - Track Change Version of PC110 Provisions [782.5kb]
Attachment 2 - Peter Ibbotson Supplementary Evidence [417.9kb]
Attachment 3 - Resource Consent for Gun Club [661.9kb]
Attachment 4 - State Highway Effects - Buffer Areas [1463.3kb]
Attachment 5 - Email from NZTA [179.2kb]
Attachment 6 - Email from Fonterra [18.3kb]
Attachment 7 - NZDF Information [992kb]
Attachment 8 - Horticulture NZ Information [117.7kb]



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