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Plan Change 124 : Built Heritage

This page contains information about proposed District Plan Change 124: Built Heritage.
Updated: 4/10/2016 4:10 p.m.

Affected Part of District Plan:

Chapters 13 (Policies) and 58 (Resource Areas) and Appendix 3 - Heritage Buildings, Sites and Objects, and related Resource Area Maps.

Contact Person:

Heather McNeal (Senior Specialist – Policy) and Melissa McGrath (Team Leader, District Plan), Policy and Monitoring, Whangarei District Council.


The Resource Management Act 1991 classes ‘the protection of historic heritage from inappropriate subdivision, use and development’ as a matter of national importance.


In recognition of Council’s statutory obligations in terms of historic heritage and various changes that have occurred since the District Plan became operative in 2007, a new consolidated District-wide chapter (Chapter HH: Historic Heritage) has been prepared to replace existing District Plan Chapters 13 & 58 and Appendix 3 (Heritage Buildings, Sites and Objects).  It is anticipated, that at a later date, additional provisions relating to archaeological sites and Sites of Significance to Maori will be integrated into this framework (Sites of Significance to Maori as Proposed Plan Change 100).

NOTE: In accordance with Section 86B (3) of the Resource Management Act 1991 the Proposed Plan Change rules have immediate legal effect from 20 October 2015.

Features of PC124 include:

• An updated Schedule of Built Heritage including five additional built heritage items listed by Heritage New Zealand but not currently protected by the District Plan:

- The former Whangarei Railway Station, Railway Road, Whangarei.
- The former railway houses at 4 & 6 Railway Terrace, Morningside.
- Hukerenui Hotel, 2450 State Highway 1, Hukerenui.
- Butter Factory (former), 84-88 Bank Street, Whangarei.

• Revised resource consent rules for works on (or in proximity to) scheduled built heritage items relating primarily to:
- Demolition, destruction, or relocation (on-site or off-site).
- Internal or external additions or alterations.
- Structural upgrading for seismic reasons.
- Construction or alteration of buildings (including accessory buildings) within sites on which scheduled built heritage items are located.
 - Construction or alteration of buildings (including accessory buildings) on sites immediately adjoining a site where a scheduled built heritage item is located if specified setback are not met.

• Transfer of provisions relating to protected dry stone walls and signage from the Environment and Subdivision chapters. 

• Support for adaptive re-use of built heritage items and alternative forms of ownership or management of heritage resources in order to increase their economic viability and longevity.

• Acknowledgement of the role of non-statutory economic instruments, including possible rates reductions or fee waivers for resource consents. 

• Discretionary activity status and assessment criteria applied to most listed activities.

• A glossary of heritage-related terms for improved consistency of interpretation and use.


  This Plan Change became operative on 28 September 2016.

Viewing the documents:

Documents relevant to this plan change are listed under the headings below. To view them, click on the '+' next to each heading. Each document displays in a new window.
Map2R [756.7kb]
Map12R [3335.2kb]
Map37R [831.9kb]
Map38R [986.8kb]
Map38R with Hist area [1022.1kb]
Map39R [705.3kb]
Map43R [1052.3kb]
Section 42A Hearing Report [1013.4kb]
Statement of Evidence Jane Matthews [343.5kb]
Pre Hearing Meeting Report [281.3kb]
Summary of Submissions [302.5kb]
Attachment 4 Tracked change version of PC124 [381.5kb]
Attachment 5 Consequential Changes [509.3kb]
Attachment 6 Summary of RMA provisions relevant to PC124 [302.7kb]
Attachment 7 NRC PRPS Provisions [231.4kb]
Attachment 8 - Evidence to s42A Report [74.1kb]
Attachment 9 Comparison of criteria for identifying historic heritage [194.9kb]
Attachment 10 Extract from Minutes [70.7kb]
Attachment 11a Portland [2072.6kb]
Portland Part 1 [2280.6kb]
Portland Part 2 [905.1kb]
Attachment 11b Upper Hatea River [1758.1kb]
Tabled Evidence # 1 - GBCWinstone [58.9kb]
Tabled Evidence # 2 - Opening Statement of Council Reporting Planner - Heather McNeal [397.5kb]
3 - Statement of Evidence of Mike Butler on behalf of Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga [2197.5kb]
Tabled Evidence # 4 - Portland Heritage Inventory by Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga [751.9kb]
Tabled Evidence # 5 - Entwined connections between people and place - Hatea River by Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga [1131kb]
Tabled Evidence # 6 - Hukerenui Hotel Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga [642.1kb]
Tabled Evidence # 7 - Rod Gates [186kb]
Tabled Evidence # 8 - Lynn Allan - Aubrey House [134.7kb]
Tabled Evidence # 9 - Lynn Allan - Photos of Aubrey House [509.7kb]
Tabled Evidence # 10 - Clare O Malley [145.5kb]
Tabled Evidence # 11 - Megan Raine - Additional Evidence [954kb]
Tabled Evidence # 12 - Clare O Malley - Additional Evidence [1136.3kb]
Closing Statement of Council Reporting Planner Heather McNeal [1516.2kb]
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