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Marsden Point and Ruakaka

Image for the Marsden Point Ruakaka Structure Plan page.
This page contains a summary of the Marsden Point and Ruakaka Structure Plan and a link to the full version of the document.
Updated: 20/12/2019 11:46 a.m.

This Structure Plan illustrates the ultimate development potential over time of a growth node in the Ruakaka area. It would create a satellite for Whangarei based on the requirements of the port at Marsden Point. Sufficient industrial land is proposed and zoned to cater for the growth of imports and exports as well as ancillary industrial uses. This Plan also recognises that people working in the area should be able to live, shop and play there. Large residential areas, open space and business development should be available to support this concept.

Implementation of the Structure Plan proposals is directly linked to the uptake of industrial land and creation of work opportunities. This will determine the growth rate.


The Marsden Point/Ruakaka Structure Plan identifies the outcomes for living, working, playing and protecting the area based on the growth of work opportunities. The key elements of the Structure Plan are:

Port Marsden

Port Marsden and the industrial hinterland which is already zoned as such in the District Plan, justified the development proposals in the Structure Plan. Sufficient land for port and port-related land has been identified. With the move of the Whangarei City Port to Marsden Point, the area becomes a satellite of Whangarei.

Population projections

Population projections have been made based on the potential of work opportunities that can be accommodated in the industrial area. It is estimated that up to 18,000 work opportunities can be created which could result in a population of 40,000 people. However, this growth is directly related to the uptake of the industrial land which will come in growth cycles resulting in staggered population growth. Triggers of population growth will trigger the release of land and provision of services.

Residential development

The residential development is separated from the industrial development and will occur in One Tree Point and Ruakaka. Areas of medium density and areas of higher density are identified to accommodate all the workers and to provide choice. The residential areas will include community facilities such as parks, schools, clinics etc.

Open space networks

The open space network does not only create the separation between industrial uses and residential areas, but also provides for the low impact stormwater management system. Much of the stormwater attenuation has to occur within this system. 

Retail centres

The Structure Plan shows one central primary node as the future town centre. This mixed-use town centre will accommodate retail, light industrial, warehousing, office space, high density residential and institutional development. Two local centres are identified in One Tree Point (One Tree Point and Marsden Cove) and the Ruakaka Town Centre to service their respective local communities.

Social, community and civic services and facilities

Most of the social and civic functions will be found in the primary and local centres.
Education facilities should generally be located adjacent to the main open space and access networks within the residential areas.
A public cemetery site has been identified but further investigations will be required.
The unique location and function of the racecourse has been identified to become an Equestrian Centre and master planning will be undertaken.

Future urban

Due to the function of State Highway 15A through the area from State Highway 1 to the Marsden Port, noise and vibration along the route can be expected as well as the exposure of companies along the route. Land uses will be determined with proposals to release the land.

Transportation and services

The Structure Plan shows the proposed railway connection between Oakleigh and Marsden Port which will also dissect the primary centre. Roads are shown on the Structure Plan with a detailed traffic analysis as a separate report.

The services reports will be undertaken as land is released for development.

Viewing the document

The plan is too large to display as a single document, so the chapters are listed individually under the headings below. Select from the list by clicking on the '+' to display the contents of each section. 

Each individual document opens in a new window.

If you would like a printed copy of the complete document, please contact any of our Service Centres or phone us on +64 9 4304 200.  



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