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Annual Plan

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This page provides general information on Annual Plans and how they relate to the Long Term Plan (LTP). 
Updated: 6/07/2016 2:12 p.m.

Welcome to this year’s Whangarei District Council’s 2016-17 Annual Plan

This is the 2016-17 Annual Plan developed following consultation with, and feedback from, the community. It outlines minor changes made to Year Two of the LTP and a summary of general issues raised during the consultation process and how they will be addressed.

The 2016-17 Annual Plan can be described as a 'steady as you go' plan, featuring no major changes to the programme outlined for Year Two of the LTP.

The Annual Plan was adopted by Council on Tuesday 28 June 2016.

2016-2017 Annual Plan

Our Plan At A Glance summarises the plan and minor differences between it and year two of the LTP.

Our Plan At A Glance

An introduction to the 2016-17 Annual Plan

This year’s Annual Plan covers year two of the 2015-25 Long Term Plan (LTP) for the Whangarei District.

It outlines the outcomes the community wants us to deliver, the work we will do and the services we will provide in the year from July 2016 to June 2017. It also states how these things will be funded.

While compiling this Annual plan we sought feedback on a Consultation Document and supporting information that proposed minor changes to year two of the LTP. These included a lower-than-forecast increase in the general rate and lower debt position for the end of the year than that indicated in the LTP.

We also consulted on a possible targeted rate for Whangarei Heads Sewer extension for McLeod Bay, Fees and Charges review and proposed changes to the Rates Remission and Postponement policies.

Talking about the Annual Plan and hearing directly from you

The consultation included 16 community meetings and a Have Your Say Event (HYSE) which attracted 70 attendees. We received 271 submissions, took feedback from social media, and held traditional public hearings at which 78 submitters presented their feedback to Council. The public raised several new issues during the consultation.

The consultation on the Annual Plan opened for feedback on 23 March 2016 and closed on 29 April 2016.

These documents listed below are available on request, please contact the Senior Meeting


  • 2016-17 Proposed Fees and Charges – Submissions (Volume 1)
  • 2016-17 Annual Plan – Submissions (Volume 1 and Volume 2)
  • Whangarei Heads Sewer Extension, McLeod Bay (Volume 2)

Hearings were held on 17, 18 and 19 May 2016


Elected Members decision making process

To enable the completion of the final Plan document for adoption, Council held a workshop and a decision-making meeting to consider feedback received from the HYSE, social media and written submissions, along with recommendations from staff to assist Council in its decision making process.

Deliberations took place on 14 June 2016.

2016-17 Annual Plan Deliberations Report

Submission responses

Council considered  all of the feedback and a few minor adjustments were  made to accommodate situations and needs not previously anticipated.

What happened next?

Issues raised during feedback are summarised within the “Our Plan at a Glance” document below:

Our Plan At A Glance

Alternatively, you can request copies from our call centre on 0800 WDC INFO (0800 932 463) or email us at

Other documents adopted concurrent with the Annual Plan 


Supporting information

Long Term Plan (LTP)

We adopted our 2015-2025 Long Term Plan in June 2015. For further information about our LTP follow the link below.

Annual Plans and Long Term Plans

An Annual Plan cannot be used to change a current LTP, to add projects or activities or significantly increase or decrease levels of service. Instead, an Annual Plan focuses on any adjustments that need to be made in light of the previous year’s financial performance, updated financial figures, cost increases and inflation. It allows us to take into account any new issues and to review  progress towards our ten year objectives.

Previous Annual Plans

Please contact us if you are interested in copies of previous Annual Plans from our call centre on 0800 WDC INFO (0800 932 463) or email us at

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