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RSS Feeds

This page explains what RSS feeds are and the feeds that are available from this site.
Updated: 6/04/2020 12:32 p.m.

What are RSS Feeds?

RSS is short for Really Simple Syndication. RSS feeds are a way to find out when new content has been added to certain areas of this website.

You can have RSS feeds delivered directly to your web browser, or you can download a RSS reader. Whenever we add new content to any of the areas stipulated below, your browser or RSS reader will automatically collect it, without having to visit the website itself.

Your web browser or feed RSS reader will update each feed every time new content is added, depending on which feeds you have subscribed to.

RSS feeds are available in the following areas.


Steps to Subscribe to an RSS Feed

Step 1 - Download an RSS Reader

In order to use RSS, you will need something called a reader. Readers check the feeds you have subscribed to and provide you with any updated content.

Most web browsers come with readers built in, so no additional application is needed. If your browser does not have such a feature, there are many RSS readers available on the internet, either web-based or downloadable software.

The following link has a list of RSS readers available:

RSS tools ( Opens in a new window.

If you already have an RSS feed reader, please proceed to the next step.

Google Chrome

Please note that Google Chrome does not have a RSS feed reader built-in.  You will need to add a Google Chrome extension to view and receive feeds.

Step 2 - Subscribe to or read your RSS feed

Using a newsreader:

  • drag the RSS icon into your news reader; or
  • cut and paste the URL of the RSS feed into your news reader.

Using the Firefox (ver. 3.x) browser:

  • click on the RSS icon and then select 'live bookmarks' from the drop down menu next to the heading 'Subscribe to this feed using'
  • click 'Subscribe Now'.

Using the Internet Explorer (ver. 7.x) browser:

  • click on the RSS icon, and select 'Subscribe to this feed'.

Using the Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 Account Settings dialog box:

  • copy the URL of the RSS feed
  • in Outlook 2007, click the Tools menu > Account Settings
  • on the RSS Feeds tab, click New
  • in the New RSS Feed dialog box, press CTRL+V to paste the URL of the RSS Feed
  • click Add.
  • Click OK.

Using the Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 'RSS Feeds' folder:

  • copy the URL of the RSS feed
  • in Outlook 2010, right click the 'RSS Feeds' folder in the folder list, click 'Add a New RSS feed'
  • in the New RSS Feed dialog box, press CTRL+V to paste the URL of the RSS Feed
  • click Add.

If you have Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 and if you add an RSS Feed to Internet Explorer version 7 or greater, the feed may automatically get added to the RSS Feeds folder in Microsoft Office Outlook 2010.



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